• At Alameda, We are Bucket Fillers!

    Throughout the course of the school year Alameda students practice being Bucket Fillers! The concept of being a bucket filler comes from Carol McCloud’s Book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

    The purpose of “Bucket Filling” is to improve social and emotional learning. It is based on a simple concept where we each have an invisible bucket with the singular purpose of holding good thoughts and feelings about ourselves. When we are happy and good to others, our buckets become full. When we are sad or unkind to others, our buckets become empty. Bucket Fillers fill both their own and others’ buckets. Conversely, if a person is unkind or hurtful, they are referred to as “Bucket Dippers.” Like Bucket Fillers, Bucket Dippers dip into both their own buckets when they choose to be mean or hurtful to others. Children quickly grasp this concept.

    During the school year we encourage, remind, and recognize everyone’s efforts to be Bucket Fillers at home, at school, and everywhere they go. As parents, you can help reinforce this by discussing this further with your child and using some of the terminology (bucket fillers, bucket dippers) at home.

    Thank you for your support!