Book Return

  • Books, library card, and computer Students are encouraged to turn in books when they are finished with them. 

    Students do not need to wait for their weekly class time to return books.  We encourage students to return books at our hallway external BOOK RETURN located near the West End of the Main Hallway (left of the library doors). 

    Every child at one time or another will forget their books.  Please allow your child to learn from this experience.  Forgetting books allows students to deal with small disappointments and will allow them to adjust on their own.  During library class, we will discuss strategies to help them return books.  For small children, the ability to remember their books on their own is a huge achievement.  

    I ask that students wait to check out their books during their class time. They are also welcome to come in during designated ‘Open Check out Times’ to check out books outside of their class period.  Due to the large amount of students in our school, I am unable to check out books before or after school.  Thank you for your cooperation!