Electives Guide

  • Hosford Middle School: Elective Course Descriptions 

    Key: SM = one semester; YR = yearlong; GR = grades that may take the class 

    Art (SM) GR 6-8: This class emphasizes ways artists think and work in their studios. We will work in a variety of 2D and 3D media including drawing, collage, painting, sculpture and ceramics. Over the course of the semester, students will develop pieces of art inspired by their personal interests, identities and hobbies and discover which materials and projects they enjoy the most. .    

    3D Art (SM) GR 7-8: This class offers more advanced and independent work in the areas of sculpture with mediums such as wire, paper mache, plaster, cardboard, clay, and more! All projects include art-historical and multi-cultural examples    

    AVID (YR) GR 7: The 7th grade AVID elective class is part of a national program that builds on the skills introduced in 6th grade AVID. Unlike 6th grade, students must complete an application and participate in an interview. AVID focuses on skills around WICOR; Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading. These skills will set you on a journey to be college bound or career ready as they graduate high school. AVID is designed for the “middle” academic student. More AVID information can be found here

    Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Band (YR) GR 6-8: Band students will get to choose either a brass, woodwind, or percussion instrument to learn for the year. They will learn how to care for their instrument, how to make good sounds, and will establish a consistent practice routine.  

    Ceramics (YR) 7-8: This class introduces students to the ancient craft of working with clay. Students will experience hand-building techniques including pinch, coil, and slab. Wheel throwing is introduced with expectations for basic levels of achievement, including cylinders and bowls. The experimentation with basic techniques will lead to more freedom and individual creativity.

    Engineering (SM) GR 6-8: Students will use the engineering design process to solve problems and build solutions for in-class and real world problems. This class will help students develop their engineering skills by using tools such as Arduino and Technic LEGO. If you are interested in making and project based learning, this class is for you. All levels of experience are welcome . 

    Explore Spanish (YR) GR 7: Students in Explore Spanish will learn about the culture and history of the 22 Spanish speaking countries of the world. Students will also learn Spanish words and phrases to use in everyday life. Although this is not a credit bearing class, Explore Spanish is a fun introduction to the Spanish language, and to the for-credit Spanish Language course offered to Hosford 8th graders.  

    Leadership (SM) GR 7-8: Develop leadership skills through planning Hosford school-wide activities like dances, fundraisers and spirit week. Support ELA standards through leadership-themed literature. Learn other leadership skills through projects related to community service and awareness. 

    Math Lab (SM or YR) GR 7: Math Lab is an extra class of math designed to pre-teach and/or reteach grade level standards aligned mathematical skills and concepts. Students should be motivated to understand math concepts and work as a collaborative class community. This elective will be offered through invitation based upon classroom performance, standardized test data and student motivation, but we’d also love to know if you are interested. Class size will be capped at 15.

    Mind & Movement (SM) GR 7-8: This course will emphasize student overall wellness through development of movement patterns, student needs, knowledge of skills and practice for a physically active/healthy life and goal setting for lifelong fitness and health.

    Project Green (SM) 6-8: Students will be outside doing and learning about gardening throughout the semester. Some of the activities include planting from seeds, weeding, composting and building garden structures like raised garden beds. This is an outdoor class with some indoor work time. Students should be prepared for all seasons of Portland weather. If you love to be outside in nature, this class is for you—whether you have a “green thumb” or NOT!

    Spanish II (YR) GR 8: Students continue developing their skills in Spanish. Completing this year with a C or better results in high school credit for first year Spanish (Spanish 1-2). Prerequisite: successful completion (C or better) in Spanish I. 

    Semester Band (SM) 7-8: Band is offered as a semester class option only for students who are enrolled in a different year-long elective (SpEd, ELD, etc.) that prevents them from taking the full year of band. See above year-long band listing for course description.