Electives Guide

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    Mandarin Culture, Mandarin Language

    Mr. Hakam

    Mandarin Culture

    Ms. Everton

    Spanish 2, Leadership

    Ms. Ansell

    Computer Technology, Game Design

    Mr. Nally

    Engineering Technology (Shop)

    Mr. Nally

    Band (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced)

    Mr. Johnston

    Wellness (PE)

    Ms. Trump

    Art 1 & 2, Advanced Art

    Mr. Ereckson

    Media Literacy

    Ms. Winokur

    Spanish 1

    Mr. Agvanian


    Ms. Sayler and Ms. Danon


    *Exploratory classes include 1 semester of required Health or PE each year.

    Hosford Middle School also offers courses for students who need additional support in core subjects (space is limited). Please inquire at our main office.