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    Hello Staff & Students & Parents & Friends of Hosford,

    What's going on?
    Many of our elementary feeder schools have a garden where students learn about plant growth, where food comes from and more. Hosford understands students and families hope to continue having learning opportunities in the garden throughout their education. In 2013, Hosford Middle School (HMS) partnered with US Fish & Wildlife (USFW) to build its first native plant garden. What use to be an ugly lawn with hundreds of weeds is now a beautiful garden with a pathway, benches, dry pond and many plant species. Julie Concannon, from USFW and a former Hosford parent, and Luke Wisher, former Hosford Instructional Tech Assistant, collaborated to generate funds to build a garden at HMS and start the Garden Club. Several grants were written, most notable was 'Connecting with Nature', a USFW program, and a Lowe's Toolbox grant. Students from Garden Club planned the garden and 7 Dees drafted our professional design which PPS approved. This garden will offer new opportunities for teachers, students and the community. Mr. Meyers had the first geometry lesson in the garden!

    Tray of Flowers What's this have to do with me?
    The native plant garden will be a new learning opportunity for HMS. Nature can provide a space for science, culture, mathematics and more. Teachers can use the garden to explore and cross-curriculum activities! Hosford students can connect with nature and take care of this new space. We encourage everyone to talk about it, share pictures, study its growth, discover its species, and understand its function. If you are looking for classroom activities we added a couple new books to the library to help you. Otherwise there are tons of resources online.

    Future plans?

    Gardens are always changing and Hosford's campus has lots of space for growth. Keep your ideas coming for additional spaces at Hosford that can be transformed.
    Thanks again to Julie Concannon, Hosford Garden Club, Jennifer Abbassian, Peter Sturges, Robin Helms, Alexa Carlton, Nancy Pollot, Meghan Kearney and all our volunteers!
     HMS Garden

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    Garden Club 2016-17

    Hosford seeks volunteer instructors and gardeners for the 2016-17 school year. If you are interested please contact us. Help us keep our neighborhood school beautiful and growing!

    Volunteer Instructor Details:

    • USFW Rep: Julie Concannon (& Parent!)
    • Supportive Parent Leader: Jennifer Abbassian
    • After school garden program Thursdays (3:45pm to 5:15pm) - Meet in the Garden!
    • Garden Events year round will need additional volunteers
    • Garden Club is backed by grant monies to purchase all materials and equipment, ideas are welcome!
    • The US Fish & Wildlife Service is collaborating to help teach certain subjects.


    Garden Club 1
    Garden Club 2


  • The Garden Club was established in spring 2013. The aim of the club is to design, implement, build and maintain a garden that is inspiring, magical, and empowers children to leave a legacy on the Hosford landscape. If you look around, there are gardens springing up in unlikely places on campus and in the community. We incorporate science, art, engineering, agriculture, and NATURE into the day. Come after school on Thursday afternoons and put your hands in the dirt and watch your efforts grow.


  • Subject to organic changes :)

    1. A rainbow garden.
    2. Container planting.
    3. Planting for pollinators.
    4. Native wildflowers.
    5. Monitoring garden appreciation and use.
    6. Garden arts and crafts.
    7. Finding wildlife at Hosford.
    8. Growing a sedum/xeriscape garden.