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    Mission Statement

    We believe that all students can achieve high academic standards when:

    • There are clear statements of high academic standards for student performance
    • Assessment practices and tasks are clearly linked to the standards
    • Curriculum frameworks are linked to the standards and tasks
    • Professional development opportunities are provided to assist staff in implementation of the standards and tasks
    • Teacher leadership and initiative are recognized and supported

    Information for Families

    Students in PPS take Common Core Math in 6th grade. In the spring semester, they go through a placement process to determine their placement for Math (Compacted or Common Core) in 7th and 8th grades. This placement process includes an assessment, student and family surveys, and class data.

    For the 6th Grade Compacted Math Performance Task, students will select one of the two provided Performance Tasks to complete. A Performance Task is a multiple part assessment which allows students to demonstrate their math knowledge and reasoning skills. These tasks will be available in all PPS supported languages.

    All students enrolled in 6th grade math will take a CM Performance Task assessment to provide information of their readiness for Compacted Math. If a child does not meet requirements for automatic entry based on the Performance Task, then the student has the option of being reviewed by a site-based team that consists of at least the school counselor, the student’s current math teacher, and another content teacher. This team will use a rubric that considers research-based learner traits, Common Assessments, and student-identified level of motivation. This site-based team will make the final placement recommendation for students who did not meet automatic entry requirements on the Performance Task.

    To help prepare for the assessment, students should be practicing showing their work as they do problems, and using legible handwriting. Folks at the district office score the assessments; they are not scored by the student's current math teacher. The students should eat a good healthy lunch and breakfast on the day of the assessment so that they are fueled and prepared for the test. They will have 1 class period to complete the test, and they are not allowed calculators or notes.

    In the Compacted Math (CM) courses, students will complete three years of math over two years. This means that these courses are fast-paced. Sixth grade students must have a solid foundation of the grade-level math content in order to show readiness for this kind of pace, which requires mastery of topics with minimal practice. 

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