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    Mission Statement

    We believe that ALL students can master grade-level mathematics when:

    • There are clear, rigorous goals
    • Assessments and learning opportunities are clearly linked to the standards
    • Students are pushed to understand math conceptually
    • Math talk is taught, practiced, encouraged and supported within the classroom

    Math Vision Statement

    Hosford Math teachers strive each day to provide relevant and meaningful instruction to students. We believe that deep conceptual understanding and problem solving is crucial for students’ future success as change makers in the world. We seek to provide places where students can explore and learn using manipulatives and real world scenarios in order to become functional mathematicians who can apply their learning to fix a wall, order carpet, balance a bank account and other relevant problem solving applications. Our goal is to encourage students to discover the why, further their understanding of a concept, and become lifelong learners.

    Math Class Pathways

    Math is the universal language of problem solving and rational thought. All students will be exposed to all of the mathematical strands of learning each year (algebra, geometry, statistics and probability and number systems). Using the common core standards as our guide, all students are already on a set track for advanced math - with advanced algebra being a state requirement that both pathways will reach. All students in 6th grade take common core math. At the 7th and 8th grade, levels, there are two options; common core math (meets all grade level requirements) or compacted (covers exactly the same math content, just at a faster pace).

    Cleveland Math Pathways Flowchart (on pg. 28)

    (Click here for more information on the PPS Curriculum Instruction and Assessment)