Dear Llewellyn Families,


    The sun is out and spirits are up.  Our final quarter of the school year is on it’s way!  Thank you to all of you for your support helping make the return to classes (CDL & In-Person) a success.  What’s more, it’s poetry month as well as almost Earth Day!  Here is a poem I found online that captures both! This poem was written by a child.  I hope it will inspire some of our students to write one of their own!

     Poem of the Day  Let's Preserve Our Nature

    © Arjun Published: November 2015

    The sun is shining,

    The sky is blue,

    The birds are flying,

    And the breeze is so cool.


    Mother Nature is trying her best

    To give nothing but beautifulness,

    But what do we do?

    Make her a mess.


    Let's make her the best

    By polluting less and less,

    And preserve her green dress

    For our kids and the rest.


    Earth Day is every year on April 22nd, a day to bring awareness to environmental protection. We can each do small things to make the Earth beautiful and protect its natural resources.

    Connect Over a Poem:

    Talk with your child about the beautiful things they enjoy about Earth and what they can do to protect them.

    Fun Activity:

    Do something as a family that helps the Earth.

    • Plant a tree or some flowers

    • Recycle old bottles, cans, and newspapers

    • Pick up trash along the road

    • Eat your meal by candlelight tonight instead of using electricity

    • Use your own bags at the grocery store instead of plastic ones

    • Don’t let the faucet run while brushing your teeth

    • Make a craft out of recycled materials

    Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/lets-preserve-our-nature


    SAFETY-Playground Rules-Afterschool Dismissal

    For those attending school In-Person, we are asking that families depart the playground after dismissal at 10:15 am and 2:30 pm. (The playground will be used by Portland Parks & Rec beginning at 2:30 pm).

    Please keep in mind that there will be no staff monitoring students.  With the lovely weather and large numbers of students attending in person sessions, the playground fills up and not all are socially distancing.

    We know that everyone is excited to see each other and that students are eager to play with friends after being separated for so long, however, we also want our students and families to be healthy and safe.  Moreover, we want Llewellyn to remain open. Please help us by doing your part to ensure this happens.

    Thank you for your support and understanding!

    Be Safe!  Be Well!

    Principal Pam


    Q-3 Report Cards:  Were mailed home today, Friday, April 16th.  Please note that if your child has not attended or completed assignments in Music, PE and/or Movement, you may see a mark of NE (no evidence). Blank spaces in other subject areas means that that area has not yet been covered.


    State Testing CANCELLED!

    As you may be aware, the US Dept of Ed approved a modified waiver assessment plan for Oregon that required modified testing expectations for this year (see the linked waiver letter for more information).

    However, on 4/13 the PPS School Board passed a resolution (click on this link and scroll down to Resolution 6287)  to suspend state summative assessments for this school year.

    There will be no OSAS ELA, mathematics, science, ELPA summative or Extended Assessments this spring for all PPS students.  Because we will not be testing students this year, opt-out forms are not necessary.


    SCHOOL PICTURES coming soon!

    Please save May 4th as our possible picture day. We are working on finalizing logistics and will send more information soon.  


    From the School Counselors:

    Hi everyone - 

    We hope you had a wonderful week back at school, whether you are continuing through CDL or returning in-person. Just a reminder that Ms. Brittany is in the building on Mondays and Tuesdays, and Ms. Allie is in the building on Thursdays and Fridays - we cannot wait to see you all if we haven’t already! Below is the updated counseling schedule, including the new days and times for lunch groups:

    Lunch bunches are now from 11:15 - 11:30 am

    Mindful Monday, open to all students K-5:  Code:: LlewellynCounseling

    • Ms. Allie teaches Kindergarten – 2nd Grade - Meeting Code: MsAllieCounseling  / Wednesdays:  1st grade / Thursdays:  2nd grade  /   Fridays: Kindergarten

    • Ms. Brittany teaches 3rd – 5th Grade - Meeting Code: MsBrittanyC  /  Tuesdays:  5th grade / Wednesdays:  4th grade / Thursdays:  3rd grade

    Fun Friday:  Meeting Code: MsBrittanyC

    Welcome back and we look forward to connecting with your student(s)!,

    Ms. Brittany and Ms. Allie


    From the School Nurse:

    Hello from the Health Room and Nurse LeAnn!

    Here is a great video developed by MESD to help parents/students understand the five layers of symptom surveillance to keep the school community safe when coming back to school!

    The video is titled - Return to School Process Video     

    Click on the link here in English: https://youtu.be/LbLhz0c_xtw

    It is also available is Spanish: https://youtu.be/PO-3AzPiTMA

    LeAnn Teixeira RN  lteixeir@mesd.k12.or.us


    From The PTA:

    Hello Families,

    Earth Day is a week from today. Help celebrate the earth and build community by volunteering to spruce up the Llewellyn Garden or the Llewellyn grounds. Sign-up info is below. 

    We've also got lots of other ideas for how to give back and have fun! See the attached PDF llewellyn earth day.pdf   for a neighborhood scavenger hunt printable, and lots more.  The scavenger hunt printable will also be available or pick-up at Llewellyn next week. 


    From The Foundation:  Sellwood 5K

    We are joining fellow SE schools (Duniway, Lewis, Woodstock, Llewellyn, Sellwood Middle) for a virtual 5K fun run fundraiser. Run/Walk your 5K during May 22-29. All funds will be distributed equally across participating schools. Llewellyn's portion of the funds raised will support our Llewellyn Foundation efforts. Cost is $100 per family or $25 for individuals (t-shirts included).

    Register Now

    Sellwood 5K Flier.pdf 

    Llewellyn Foundation_Spring 2021 Fundraising_Printed Flyer (2).pdf 



    From PBOT & Safe Routes to School:  Community Building 

    Each month we will be sharing safety messaging from PBOT's Active Transportation & Safety Division that may be helpful to you or to share with your communities. We understand that safety looks different to everyone, and while these resources are not all-encompassing we hope that they are helpful as you navigate public spaces. April’s theme is Building Community. A strong and united community is a great way to increase safety.
    Here are some ideas how to stay connected with your neighbors: 

    Learn more at saferoutesportland.org

    City of Portland, Portland Bureau of Transportation and Safe Routes to School logos

    Important Dates:

    April 16          Report Cards mailed home

    April 17-18    Garden Clean Up

    April 22          Earth Day (PTA)

    April 24-25     School Grounds Clean Up (PTA)

    May 4            School Pictures (Save the Date)

    May 3-7         Staff Appreciation Week

    May 13          Kindergarten Connect- Family Art Night (virtual)

    May 22-29     Sellwood 5K

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