Friday 1/08/2021 

    Dear Llewellyn Families,


    One of the things I value most about our Llewellyn community is our ability to come together to support one another in times of trouble. Since March this has been demonstrated repeatedly in the way everyone: students, families and staff have shown great resilience and a strong ability to collaborate while facing the challenges of school in distance learning, the complex impacts of COVID, and continued racial and social unrest in our city and nation. Through it all, the Llewellyn community has remained committed to supporting, loving, and affirming our Black and Brown students, families, and staff as well. 

    The events that transpired in Washington DC on Wednesday were deplorable, shocking, overwhelming, and scary. I am sure that each of you have been grappling with these current events and this act of white supremacy and domestic terrorism in your own ways. Thursday morning our teachers and staff welcomed our students into our virtual learning spaces knowing our students entered the classroom with varying degrees of awareness, understanding, and readiness to discuss and explore what our nation is experiencing. We worked to offer safe, compassionate, and honest spaces for students to discuss what was on their minds and to ask questions. 

    Working with educators across Portland and around our nation, we have also been gathering resources to effectively support and educate our students during this time. Additionally, we have been reviewing resources for families to support you as you help your children navigate these unprecedented times. Here are a few resources you may want to use:

    Remember, our counseling team is available to support you and your student, now and throughout the school year:

        Brittany Sill-Turner, School Counselor (grades 3-5), bsill@pps.net

        Allie Penix, School Counselor (grades K-2), appendix@pps.net 

    At Llewellyn, we believe that schools are places that should help students make sense of their world. As shared Wednesday in his letter to the PPS community, Superintendent Guerrero reminded us that “we have to fight misinformation with education and support the principles of a just democracy... [together] we have the power to make a difference and contribute to the community we want to cultivate and support.” 

    Thank you for sharing your amazing students with us everyday and for your continued partnership as we move toward a brighter tomorrow. 

    Be Well!  Be Safe!

    Principal Pam

    From the Llewellyn Counselors:

    Welcome back from Winter Break, Llewellyn community!

    The counseling team hopes that you all had a restful Winter Break, and it has been great being able to connect with all of our students and staff. We wanted to share some information with you regarding upcoming groups that we have added, and also wanted to remind you that if you are ever in need of mental health support or other resources, please refer to our Resources tab on the Llewellyn Counseling Program website. Here are two important numbers for mental health or student safety emergencies that may arise when school are closed:

    Additionally, Ms. Brittany and I will be doing Mindfulness and Lunch Bunch groups - open to all students - following the schedule. All groups will be held from 11:30 am - 12 pm, and these classes will all start Monday 1/11:

    • Ms. Allie will teach Kindergarten – 2nd Grade, Meeting Code: MsAllieCounseling  Mondays:  K-2 Mindful Mondays / Tuesdays:  Kindergarten / Wednesdays:  1st grade / Thursdays:  2nd grade

    • Ms. Brittany will teach 3rd – 5th Grade, Meeting Code: MsBrittanyC  Mondays:  3rd -5th Mindful Mondays / Tuesdays:  5th grade / Wednesdays:  4th grade / Thursdays:  3rd grade

    Come join us for Mindful Monday and lunch bunch next week - we can’t wait to see you!,

    -Ms. Allie and Ms. Brittany

    From the Llewellyn Nurse:

    Hello from Nurse LeAnn! 

    Welcome to 2021! Thank you to all who have gotten their students' immunizations up-to-date and have gotten the updated records to us!! Multnomah County Student Health Centers are a good resource to use to get these done before exclusion day February 17th! 

    Multnomah County Student Health Centers

    Student Health Centers are like having a doctor’s office in schools. Their services include:  sports physicals • regular exam • immunizations • illness or injury • flu shots • COVID-19 testing • reproductive health • prescriptions • lab tests • dental hygiene • mental health counseling They provide high-quality, easily accessible primary care and mental health services to ALL students in Multnomah County. K-12 youth with or without insurance.

    There is never an out-of-pocket cost. There are four of the Student Health Centers currently open while students are engaged in distance learning. The open centers are at Reynolds, David Douglas, Parkrose and Roosevelt high schools. Visit the website at https://multco.us/health/student-health-centers.

    Thank you! 

    LeAnn Teixeira RN



    Important Dates:

    January 12            PTA Meeting @ 7:00 pm

    January 18            Martin Luther King Day-No School

    January 28            End of Quarter 2

    January 29            Teacher Planning Day-No School

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