Academics & IB

  • Academic Integrity

    Students are responsible for honest and ethical behavior in all their academic pursuits. Many projects and assignments are completed on the honor system with no monitoring of student behavior. However, the standards for ethical behavior are the same whether the student work is completed inside or outside the classroom. Evidence of conscious academic dishonesty such as cheating or plagiarism is a serious breach of trust between the student and teacher. Students should recognize that academic dishonesty includes all forms of plagiarism; loaning, stealing, buying and/or selling course assignments, research papers or tests; performing academic assignments for others; passing off computer or native speaker translations as your own; unauthorized disclosure and receipt of academic information, as well as cheating on tests. Lincoln High School will respond to academic dishonesty in accordance with district policy.

    Homework Expectations

    Students should expect an average of two hours of homework daily; International Baccalaureate students may experience more. Any homework assigned during an absence must be made up. Students with extended absences are expected to contact their teachers directly to arrange to make up work.

    Attendance Policy

    Consistent attendance is the foundation of academic success. Students are expected to report to class on time. Students arriving after the start of Period 1 must obtain clearance from the Attendance Office before proceeding to class. Students arriving more than 15 minutes late are marked as "absent." Students with multiple tardies will be assigned  mandatory detention.

    To excuse an absence, students must bring a signed note from their parent/guardian to the Attendance Office within three days of an absence. Students are expected to make up any work missed as a result of the absence. However, in the event the absence is unexcused, teachers have no obligation to accept late or missing work. Students may face disciplinary action for unexcused absences. Each evening, automated phone calls will be made to the home to notify parents of any student absences. These absences will be marked as "unexcused" until parents send a note to the Attendance Office.

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