Counseling Overview

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     For a copy of the 2018-19 course selection guide and forms, please see the Forecasting information under ACADEMICS.


    How counselors support Madison students:
    The guidance and counseling program addresses the needs, assets, and potential of each student by facilitating the development of skills for learning to learn, to work, to live, and to contribute to the community.

    Madison High School's counseling program contains the following components - guidance curriculum, individual planning, responsive services, system support and integration, and student advocacy - to enhance student success. 

    Parents: Counselors spend the majority of their day working with students. Therefore, the easiest way to contact your counselor is via email. Clicking on the counselor's name will initiate an email. You may also call 503-916-5220 and follow the prompts to be connected to the counseling center. 

    Students: If you need to see a counselor and it is not an emergency, drop in during lunch or after school. Appointments are made by signing up with Julie in the counseling center. You will be provided a pass, allowing you to come and see your counselor.

    Thank you for your cooperation with this process. Your support contributes towards a smoothly running, efficient and effective counseling center!