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Students' School Computer Account Login and Password

  • New this year, every student is required to setup a complex password as they log in to a school computer. The password policies and requirements are the same as staff accounts.

    Student Logins:

    Example 1: John Smith, ID# 123456, username: jsmith3456
    Last name up to 10 characters, if hyphenated last name, typically the first last name, but if not try the second last name, or even both last names put together up to ten characters see example 2.

    Example 2: Jane Smith-Jackson, ID# 112233, username: jsmithjacks2233

    Also the last four digits of the students' ID number.


    • Must be at least 8 characters long,
    • Must have a capital or special character
    • Must have a number.

    Students are encouraged to set up the challenge response questions that allow them to reset their own passwords at

    WHY is this happening:

    In our ongoing effort to implement security best practices and to help our students become better digital citizens, several changes were made to student accounts. These changes strengthen password security and allow students in grades 9-12 to link their PPS email account to iTunes using a single password. 

    Student PPS email accounts provide access to Office365 and Skydrive Pro for cloud file storage, accessibility and collaboration