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    Student Support links:

    Attendance:   LINK

    Restorative Justice:   LINK

    Sexual Harrassment Reporting:   LINK

    Social Services:   LINK

    Sun & Community Partners:   LINK

    Sun Tutoring:   LINK

    Tardies:   LINK

    Creed recognition link:

    Want to continue to recognize students for displaying Community, Respect, Education, and Equity values?  

    Here is the link to the 2019-20 CREED Values Nomination Form. https://forms.gle/qUPaYkeFzzvnfRSS9


    Click on the desired link and follow instructions on that site:

    Computer Labs:




    MY AVID: https://my.avid.org

    All staff at AVID sites have access to the MyAVID website which is a site that can be used to access Core Strategies and support for implementation.  You may have recently received an email that you have a new MyAVID account, or that your old account has been activated.  If you did not receive an email, you might be able to try to login just by going to: https://my.avid.org and using your first and last name and PPS email, which is what we used to create your account. 

     Unlock the Digital Vaults  Library of Congress

    The Digital Vaults

    is an online interactive exhibit                     

    for the National Archives Experience that

    was launched in February, 2008. This site

    uses visual records such as documents,

    photographs, and popular media, and to

    illustrates how these materials can come

    together in unexpected ways to tell a story

    of our America history.


    The Library of Congress

    is the nation's oldest Federal cultural institution

    and serves as the research arm of Congress.

    It is also the largest library in the world, with

    millions of books, recordings, photographs,

    maps, and manuscripts in its collections.

    The Library's mission is to make its resources

    available and useful to the Congress and

    the American peopleand to sustain and

    preserve a universal collection of knowledge

    and creativity for future generations.





     Hotmath  Lexile



    was created by teachers and professors

    who believe that immediate help with

    assigned homework improves math learning.

    They know that math is a gateway subject

    for success in schools and careers. Their

    mission is to help every student succeed

    in math.  The website provides instant

    explanations for odd-numbered homework

    problems for over 300 math textbooks.


    SmartFinder Express

    supports teachers in continous improvement

    of their knowledge and skills.  Lexile's goal is

    to provide a rigorous curriculum equitably

    across the district.  All students should have

    equal opportunity to have the same level

    of learning, and all teachers should have

    the tolls they need to help our

    students achieve their learning goals.


     The Oregonian in Education  Standards by Design

    The Oregonian in Education


    invites educators in Clackamas,

    Multnomah and Washington counties

    to participate in its Newspapers in Education

    program.  Every day we’ll send participating

    teachers a free electronic replica of

    that day’s issue of the Oregonian.

    Standards by Design


    allows teachers to generate printable PDF

    documents or spreadsheets to create a

    customized version of the standards you

    select.  Download, print and/or export any

    combination of subjects and grades to create

    your personalized copy of the standards.


     CPM College Preparatory Mathematics   Girl with Books

    College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM) 

    is a middle grade and secondary mathematics

    program that integrates basis skills and

    topics with conceptual understanding

    and problem solving strategies to

    achieve a complete and balanced

    mathematics curriculum.


    The Curriculum Department

    supports teachers incontinuous improvement

    of their knowledge and skills.  Our goal is

    to provide a rigorous curriculum equitably

    across the district.  All students should have

    equal opportunity to have the same level

    of learning, and all teachers should

    have the tolls they need to help our

    students achieve their learning goals.

     Discovery Streaming  NGA Kids Logo

    Discovery Education 


    streaming is an online video-on-demand

    teaching service that is correlated to state K-12

    curriculum standards and features up to 7,700 full

    length videos and 77, 000 video clips, as well as,

    images, audio files, lesson plans, a quiz builder,

    assignment builder, writing prompts, and online

    self-paced professional development.  Discovery

    Education streaming is used by approximately

    one million U.S. teachers.


    Toward the center of the page is a place

    for new users to enter a passcode.


    Madison's passcode is F045-5E0B



    National Gallery of Art

    NGA Kids 


    is an interactive cultural and art experience

    providedthrough the National Gallery of

    Art's kids site. Just click on The Art Zone

    and check out Photo Op for fun with photos

    and other ideas for exploring different

    areas of the museum. Get your students

    working with the online mobile, testing the

    collage machine, mixing and using millions

    of colors with the SwatchBox, experimenting

    with 3-D Twilling, painting designs on virtual

     walls, and exploring still life painting.

    Don't miss zooming in on the paintings


     Naviance  SmartFind Express


    believes that every student has the potential for

    academic and post-secondary success and

    that every student deserves an individualized

    success plan that connects their learning to

    meaningful personal goals.  Naviance

    Succeed is a suite of products and services

    that helps K-12 schools and districts implement

    this vision.


    Guest password: gosenators


    SmartFind Express


    easy-to-use software automates substitute

    management, increases fills rates with qualified

    subs, expands the substitute pool and enhances

    asbsenteeism reduction strategies.