Robert Gray Middle School - Fall Conference Sign-Up Instructions

  • Online sign-ups close at 3:00 PM on Sunday, November 24. This includes all changes. After that time, schedules will be printed and available for manual sign-up at conferences during conference times.


    • Thoroughly read the instructions below before beginning. Following the instructions for registering for Multiple Conferences will greatly simplify the process.
    • Teachers have either 5 minute or 10 minute time slots. Be sure to double-check times for each teacher.
    • Please only sign up for ONE slot per teacher.
    • Leave at least five minutes between each conference rather than scheduling them back-to-back.
    • You may have waiting time between conferences, so bring a device or something to do.
    • Feel free to use our internet. The public access is pps-wifi-guest, and there is no password.
    • Click here to Find Conferences you've already scheduled. 
    • Special teacher notes:
      - Mrs. List, Mrs. Hagen and Mr. Horvat will not be available.
      - Ms. Hyde does not have scheduled appointments.

      - Mr. Kapranos offers both 5 and 10 minute conference time slots.
      - Ms. Ting and Mr. Cornett are only available on Monday.

    1. Click on this link:

    2. Click on the grade level of the student (6th, 7th, or 8th). DO NOT click on Register for Multipe Conferences here. You will be presented with a list of all core teachers for that grade level and all elective and special services teachers.
    animated gif.
    3. Click on the Register for Multiple Conferences link. Selecting Multiple Conferences will allow you to book conferences with multiple teachers in a single view. NOTE: Rooms listed here are not conference rooms.

















    4. On the next screen select the number of students for whom you will be scheduling conferences. If you have one student at RGMS, select 1. If you have two students at RGMS, select 2. Click on Continue after making the appropriate selection. 


    5. Complete the student/guardian name & contact fields. We highly recommend you enter an email address. Doing so will enable you to receive confirmation emails and to make changes to your conference schedule. Click on Continue after completing the form.


    6. Next, click (box check) each teacher with whom you would like to meet. Then, click on the button Find Schedules with Common Dates. 


    7.Select either View Conferences for Monday, November 25 or View Conferences for Tuesday, November 26.


    8. Time slots for conference availability, per teacher, will now be displayed. Click/Check times to create a conference schedule with all the selected teachers. Double-check the date and times of your conferences. Once you have selected a time slot for each teacher, you must scroll ALL the way to the bottom of the form and click on Sign up for Selected Conferences.



    9. On the final confirmation page, you will see green confirmation box for each scheduled conference. Check your email for a summary of the conference schedule. NOTE: You will get an individual email for each time slot.


    How to Check, Delete or Make Changes to a Conference Request:

    • To change a conference(s), delete your current conference requests, then start the request process again. Do not contact teachers or the main office; they are not able to make changes to the myconferencetime schedules.
    • Click on this link:
    • Type the email address you used to schedule the conference(s).
    • Click on the Send Me My Conference Schedule.
    • Check your email and following the link.
    • The page will show details for each of your conferences and a Conference Detail >> link.
    • Click on the link for the conference you wish to delete.
    • Click on the button: Click to Remove {student's Name} and Make Conference Available to Others.
    • You will be prompted to confirm the cancellation. Click OK