• The Drama Literacy Program:

    The Drama Literacy Program is its eighth year under the direction of Michael Wehrli and New Moon Produc tions.  It also ran for three years at drama Lewis Elementary.  The program operates daily, Monday through Thursday, for three hours each day (broken into four 45 minute segments).  The Drama Literacy program runs for two weeks for each group of K-1st grade students and is extended to five-seven weeks for each group of 2nd-5th grade students.  During this time students are working on reading comprehension, articulation, vocal projection, character development, stage movement, objectives and tactics in acting, ensemble building, and problem solving.  The 2nd—5thgrade students also work on a play that is adapted specifically for each group and is suited to challenge their level of reading and comprehension.  At the end of each 5-7 week term, each group gives 3 free performances; a daytime show for their  school; a night time show for their parents; and a special performance at a local retirement center.  


    New Moon Productions' goal for the Drama Literacy Program is to provide children a healthy and safe environment to put into direct practice the literacy skills th1 ey have learned in the classroom.  Furthermore, we work with students to express emotions and to experience their imagination being celebrated and encouraged. Our objectives are to offer youth opportunities to increase their self-confidence and enhance their self-esteem by improving their communication, literacy and interpersonal skills in an innovative, supportive, fun, and exciting environment.  Students are taught to focus, to be disciplined in their approach to acting and reading, to express themselves as individuals, and to appreciate other cultures and ideas.  We firmly believe that taking part in the creation of a play offers young people a unique experience that will boost their literacy skills, their confidenc e and creativity, their ability to work collaboratively, and their interpersonal skills - all of which are major assets that will serve them well in the future.  The final objective of this program is to foster community by bringing the families together in celebration of their student’s achievement with the free performances.  We hope to instill a sense of appreciation of live theatre to those who attend as well as help to inspire others who wish to participate in creative expression. 


    New Moon Productions was founded in 1994 with the fundamental goal of creating innovative programs designed to foster children’s creativity, literacy skills, self-esteem, collaboration, and a strong work ethic through their participation in high-quality theatrical productions performed by, and for, children.  By the end of 2002 (in Texas), New Moon had produced 37 full-scale productions and had over 7,000 youth participate in our theatrical productions, drama classes, or summer camps.  In 2003, the co-founders of NMP Michael Wehrli and Pamela Stringer moved to Portland, Oregon.  Since their arrival, New Moon has offered the Drama Literacy Program at Grout Elementary and Lewis Elementary and performance classes at several other locations all over Portland.  In December 2003, New Moon produced A Kristmus Karel  with an all-youth cast at the Interstate Firehouse Theatre and an adult cast at the Multnomah Arts Center.  From 2004-2008 New Moon co-produced an extensive four-week summer musical theatre camp with SUN Community Schools, and Portland Parks and Recreation.  The camp featured full scale performances at the Washington Park Amphitheatre.  To date, New Moon Productions has provided over 15,000 children an enriching theatre experience both in the classroom and on stage and given over 53,000 audience members memorable shows. 


    NEW MOON PRODUCTONS: www.newmoonproductions.org





    There are so many ways you can help this Drama Literacy program to continue and flourish.


    -  Make a tax-deductable donation.  Please mail a check made out to Grout Elementary to: Grout Elementary School, 3119 SE Holgate Blvd., Portland, OR 97202.


    -  Advertise in the show program.  Write to New Moon Productions to find out how -nmptheatre@comcast.net .


    -  Volunteer!  We are always looking for parents to help out with props, costumes, or backstage.


    -  Donate you child's costumes or interesting outfits or potential props.        


    -  Get your company to sponsor a performance for the entire school year.  Contact New Moon Productions to find out how.


    - Drama Literacy WISH LIST:  Full Lighting System, More Choir Microphones, Backdrops, Storage, Animal Costumes & masks.


    So come and be a part of this special program that fosters student’s creativity and self confidence!  Please contact the drama teacher Michael Wehrli, New Moon Productions(nmptheatre@comcast.net, 503-975-3280) or school Principal Susan McElroy

    (smcelroy@pps.net ) if you are interested!