6th Grade Integrated and 7th Grade Integrated Science

  • In 6th Grade we're moving on to Weather and Atmosphere after our time with Body Works.  In 7th Grade we're just about to finish the last of our geology study of Erosion and Deposition, and then we'll move on to Ecology.

    Be sure to check out the "Calendar Blog" page to the left for what's due, what we did on each day, and if there is any work to complete at home.  

    Activity-specific information may be posted in the calendar, or on the SEPUP Earth, Life, and Physical Science Links and Info pages.  More general information, like online textbook information and Notebook information, is on the Resources page

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Bi-Weekly Content Update

  • These are just general updates.  For more specific information on a day-to-day basis, check out the Calendar Blog page to the left.


    Update from Monday, Jan 27:

    6th Grade Science:  We have finished our study of Biology and are switching gears to Earth Science.  We'll be spending the next quarter learning about Weather and Climate.  

    7th Grade Science:
      Just about finished with Geology and Erosion and Deposition.  Next week we'll be starting our next unit, Ecology, in earnest.  This unit will hopefully bring back good memories about Outdoor School last year.

    Update from Monday, Jan 6:

    6th Grade Science:  We are now in the Body Works unit learning about body systems.  We'll be doing this for a couple weeks and then moving on to Weather and Climate.

    7th Grade Science:
      Just about to wrap out our Plate Tectonics unit.  Hopefully it has been an engaging and enlightenting look at the world beneath our feet.


    Update from Friday, Nov 22:

    6th Grade Science:  We're nearing the end of our Cell Biology unit, and now that we're done with the Eggsperiment, we'll be finishing up with a bit on antiobiotics and then we'll have a unit quiz.

    7th Grade Science:
      We're nearing the end of our Plate Tectonics unit, and with plate boundaries under our belt, we'll move on to the method that drives plate motions and finish with the rock cycle and a unit quiz.

    Update from Friday, October 4:

    6th Grade Science:  We're nearing the end of our microscope work, and next we'll be learning more about how cells were discovered.  From there we'll move to more specific information about cells and how they work.

    7th Grade Science:
      We just got back from an awesome trip to Mt. St. Helens which ties in perfectly to our study of volcanoes.  We'll be moving to Plate Tectonics and Earthquakes next.


    Update from Friday, September 13:

    6th Grade Science:  We're working on the skills of communicating what kids see in a microscope into drawings and words.  We'll be working on looking at structure and function relationships of living critters next.

    7th Grade Science:
      We're in the Plate Tectonics unit and the central theme is where to safely store nuclear waste.  With that theme, we'll be looking at different things, geologically, to consider.  We'll be considering landslides, earthquakes, and volcanoes.


    Update from Thursday, August 22:

    6th Grade Science:  We'll be learning the basics of how the Science lab works, procedures, paperwork, and will spend a good chunk of time setting up the Science Notebook.   Our first unit with be some foundational skills in the unit titled "Studying People Scientifically."

    7th Grade Science:
      After a quick review of procedures and paperwork, we'll dive into the Notebook and start off with Plate Tectonics.  We'll be going to Mt. St. Helens on October 2nd, so look for upcoming info on that.

Stream Table Pictures

  • Check out the cool stream table images of our dam failure and ensuing flood!  Sweet deposits, scour channels, ripple marks, and even erratics.

    Whole view      Deposit

    Ripple Marks      Erratic

    Ripple Marks

Be Prepared!


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