6th Grade Integrated and 7th Grade Integrated Science

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    Activity-specific information may be posted in the calendar, or on the SEPUP Earth, Life, and Physical Science Links and Info pages.  More general information, like online textbook information and Notebook information, is on the Resources page


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Bi-Weekly Content Update

  • Update from Thursday, 4/24/19:

    6th Grade Science:  We're nearing the end of our Weather and Climate unit.  From there we will transition to Energy until the end of the year.  The Bonneville Dam field trip is coming up on either May 16 or 17, depending on the period.

    7th Grade Science:
        We just finished the Ecology unit and have started on the Chemistry of Materials unit.  We start with some basic information about safety and hazardous chemicals, then really try to understand density, and then move into properties of matter.


    Update from Wednesday, 2/6/19:

    6th Grade Science:  We're finally into our unit on Weather and Climate.  We're looking at what types of data weather entails, and then we'll start breaking down weather into its separate components.

    7th Grade Science:
        Check the SEPUP Earth/Space Science page for a link to the new Student Book. We are desperately trying to finish our unit on Plate Tectonics.  It's hard when all the information is vital to living in the Pacific Northwest.  Once we finish Plate Tectonics, we'll move on to Ecology.


    Update from Tuesday, 1/15/19:

    6th Grade Science:  Final week of Cell Biology!  Just had the unit quiz yesterday, and we're finishing up with the Eggsperiment this week.  That'll be all, yolks! 

    7th Grade Science:
        Check the SEPUP Earth/Space Science page for a link to the new Student Book. Just had the first semi-unit quiz for the first part of the Plate Tectonics unit, and we'll be wrapping it up by the end of next week (I hope!).


    Update from Wednesday, 1/2/19:

    6th Grade Science:  We are ending our unit on Cells soon, and will be discussing how cells work before a unit quiz next week.  

    7th Grade Science:
        Check the SEPUP Earth/Space Science page for a link to the new Student Book. We will be trying to wrap up the unit on Plate Tectonics before the end of the quarter.  


    Update from Sunday, 12/2/18:

    6th Grade Science:  We are officially done using the microscopes on a daily basis, but kids can still bring in samples to look at!  We've moved on the looking more in depth at the innards of cells, and how they function to make living things live.

    7th Grade Science:
        Check the  SEPUP Earth/Space Science page for a link to the new Student Book.  We're looking at potential geological hazards and then we'll move on to how we know the Earth's surface is slowly moving.


    Update from Tuesday, 11/15/18:

    6th Grade Science:  We're just about to wrap up our time on the microscopes.  We've seen tons of microbes in pond water and now the focus is on cells and comparisons between plant and animal cells.

    7th Grade Science:
      We've finally moved out of Erosion and Deposition and into the brand new unit called Geological Processes.  Check the  SEPUP Earth/Space Science page for a link to the new Student Book.


    Update from Tuesday, 10/30/18:

    6th Grade Science:  We've moved onto Cell Biology and will be spending the next couple weeks on microscopes!  Bring in that nasty pond water! 

    7th Grade Science:
      We're on the last two activities in the Erosion and Deposition unit.  3 big academic grades in the next two weeks.


    Update from Wednesday, 10/17/18:

    6th Grade Science:  We are done with the first unit, and now we're moving into Cell Biology!  Microscope time!  

    7th Grade Science:
      We're just about done with the first unit and will be starting Plate Tectonics very soon.  


    Back to School Night Presentations!  For some reason the embedded PPT links to my website, ParentVUE, and the student books are not working in the PPT.  The link to ParentVUE is just below, and the link to the textbook is on the Resource Pages.

    6th Grade Presentation

    7th Grade Presentation

    Update from Wednesday, 9/19/18:

    6th Grade Science:  We are still working on skills in the Studyihg People Scientifically unit.  The year starts slowly as we build and grow, and we'll be moving on to Cells and Cell Biology in a coupel weeks.

    7th Grade Science:
      We're moving through Erosion and Deposition and building skills as we go.  We'll be going to St. Helens on Monday, October 1.



    Update from Sunday, August 26:

    6th Grade Science:  We'll be learning the basics of how the Science lab works, procedures, paperwork, and will spend a good chunk of time setting up the Science Notebook.   Our first unit with be some foundational skills in the unit titled "Studying People Scientifically."

    7th Grade Science:
      After a quick review of procedures and paperwork, we'll dive into the Notebook and start off with Plate Tectonics.  We'll be doing to Mt. St. Helens on September 27th, so look for upcoming info on that.


Whitaker Ponds Field Trip

  • Here are some images from the 7th grade field trip to Whitaker Ponds.  A beautiful day.  Thank you Clean Rivers Program!

    1         2      

    3        4

    5       6

    7       8





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