• Out of many, one people.                                                                                            

    "Out of many, one people". Jamaican motto     

    Melanie Monroe: 8th grade Integrated Science 

                             8th grade Health

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    How to label your graph: See reference in lab notebook       


    LG: Learning goal (objective) of the assignment.                                                                                                                                            

    Most assignments are completed in the lab notebook unless given a due date to be turned into period folders or submitted on google classroom.

    Missing assignments receive a zero "0" in Synergy until turned in. Assignments with a blank in synergy mean "turned in, currently in the process of being graded".  Thanks for your patience:)



    Students will bring a spiral or composition book to take notes and complete other assignments.    Assessments will be turned in the "Period 6 HEALTH FOLDER" or completed in "google classroom".

    APRIL 2020




     Wednesday Thursday Friday
           1 2 3



    Activities 89 , 90, 91, 92, 94, 95, 97


    Activity 98, F43

    LG: changes over geologic time


    Activity 99, F48

    LG: fossil evidence of evolution


    Activity 100, F51

    LG: comparing DNA sequences

    end of quarter



    Begin Love, Simon 


     Love, Simon

    Love, Simon

    end of quarter 

      6 7 8 9 10
    Health Planning Day

    Activity 101

    LG: compare evolution histories

    Science No School        


    MARCH 2020




     Wednesday Thursday Friday
       3  4  5 6 7

    Begin Evolution

    Activity 89, F 4

    LG: extinction of mammoth

    Activity 90, F10 

    LG: classify fossils

    Activity 91, F12

    LG: interpret fossil footprints

    video Women in Paleontology

    Activity 92, F12

    LG: fossils fit in geologic time scale


    Analyzes Influences Summative


    Begin Relationships

    Skill: Advocacy


    "Lovesick" due today 

    Erin's Law Lesson 1

    Empathy and communication



    10 11 12 13

    Activity 93, F21

    LG: stratigraphic column


    See Lab-aids (labsent) for makeup

    Activity 94, F25

    LG: theories on how evolution occurred



    Activity 95, F30

    LG:  prey coloration on predation

    See Lab-aids (labsent) for makeup


    Activity 97, F37

    LG:genetic mutations create variation



    Activity 96, F33 turin in on Monday

    LG: natural selection

    See Lab-aids (labsent) for makeup


    Erin's Law Lesson 2


    Erin's Law Lesson 3 sexual abuse Erin's Law Lesson 4 advocacy Healthy and unhealthy relationships Sexual Harassment
       16  17  18 19  20 


     Extended Break








      20 21 22 23 24
      Spring      Break  
       30  31      

    Activity 96 due today on google classroom.  Please check in with me if you have issues.



    FEBRUARY 2020




     Wednesday Thursday Friday
       2  3  4 5 6

    Activity 64, D49

    LG: effect of environment

    Activity 65, D 51

    LG: diversity of offspring


    Activity 65, D 51

    LG: diversity of offspring

    Bikini Bottom Practice 3 - 4

    Ghost in my Genes video

    LG: genome vs. epigenome

    Dragon Genetics due 2/11

    LG: patterns of inheritance

    Dragon Genetics
    Health Seasonal Local/Accessing Information

    Seasonal Local/Accessing Information 

    Family Traditions due 2/5/20

     My Cultural Plate

    School Lunch Survey due 2/10 (end of period)

    Google survey

    School Lunch Survey
      10 11 12 13 14
    Science Dragon Genetics 

    Activity 66, D56 

    LG: Pedigree

    Complete Activity 64

    Activity 67

    LG: trade-offs of genetic testing

    Activity 68, D56 

    LG: blood type clues


    Activity 69, D56 

    LG: DNA fingeprints

    Health  School Lunch Survey  Fed UP  BLM: Incarceration  Fed UP catch up day 
      17 18 19 20 21


    Presidents Day


    Three Identical Strangers

    LG: nature or nuture



    Three Identical Strangers due 2/20




    Activity 70, D78

    LG: DNA fingerprints


    Activity 71, D81 due Mon. 2/24

    LG: decision-making

    Health  No School  BLM: incarceration  BLM: LGBTQ

    Begin ATOD (alcohol, tobacco, other drugs)

    Skill: Analyzing Influences

    Self-image, decision-making

    Smoking bio-feedback

    Healthy Teens Survey (tobacco)

      24 25 26 27 28

    CRISPR due 2/25


    Genetics Kahoot


    Punnett square review

    Genetics Concept Map due 2/28



    Genetics Concept Map



    Genetics Test

     Health  Alcohol Myths and Reality  Drugs in the Media Do I drink too much? Human Biology, Genetics and Alcohol video Media Messages PainKillers


    January 2020




     Wednesday Thursday Friday
            2 3


     Winter  --->  --->   --->  Break 


      Winter   --->  --->    --->  Break



    8 9 10

    Review Exploring Space Test

    Return Papers

    Play games created by students

    Begin CCAP presentations


    Earth Science summative Assessment due 1/15/20 , 9am

    presentation 3



    Earth Science Summative Assessment Part 1

    1 presentation

    Lesson 1

    Temperature Anomalies 

    Temperature Figures


    Lesson 2

    Evidence set 

    Earth Science Summative Assessment Part 2

     1 presentation

    Earth Science Summative Part 1


    CER example


     Begin Healthy Relationships

    Skill: Advocacy

    Creating a safe school, Gender

    Erins Law Lesson 1


     Erins Law Lesson 2, dating relationships


    Erins Law Lesson 3, grooming 

    Erins Law Lesson 4, trafficking 
      13 14 15 16 17
    Science   ES summative

    Activity 54, D4

    LG investigate traits 


    Begin Activity 55, D8 (plant seeds)

    World Eye Color Graph Assessment due today


    Activity 56 D11

    LG reasons for and against genetic testing

    Health Healthy and unhealthy relationships  Sexual Harassment 

    Advocacy Summative Assessment due 11/15

    Begin Sexual Education



    Repro System review

    Begin Lifes Greatest Miracle

    Assembly: our friends from Colombia
      20 21 22 23 24

     MLK Day



    Activity 57, D15

    LG: Sexual and asexual reproduction

        end of quarter 




    Contraceptive and Birth control

    communicating about sex


    STD's / STI's

    communicating about sex

     Love, Simon 

    Love, Simon  

    end of quarter 

      27  28   29  30  31
    Science Planning Day 

     Activity 61, D 35

    LG: Punnett squares

    Bikini Bottom Genetics 1 - 2

    LG: Punnett squares

    Activity 62
    Assessment, D 39

    LG: analyze and graph

     Activity 63, D
    Health  No School

    Welcome to Health class

    Health Syllabus due 1/30/20 

    bring a spiral

    Intro to Nourish Program

    Nourish Notes (spiral)

    Food Story Clues

    due 1/31/20


    Seasonal Local/ Accessing Information due 2/4/20


    DECEMBER 2019




     Wednesday Thursday Friday

    Begin Climate Change Unit 

    Lesson 1: Indicators around the world

    LG: evidence of global teperature rise












    Climate Science Workshop 

    Elective AM - Speaker (glaciers)

    LASS - Great Pacific Garbage Patch

    Math -  Intro Lesson 2

    Science - Greenhouse Effect Lab

    LG: greenhouse simulations

    Elective PM - Speaker (climate change)

    Lesson 2: Looking into the causes

    LG: factors have caused the rise in the global temperature over the last century













    Lesson 3: Rising temperatures are seen around the world

    LG: repercussions of the rise in global temperature?










    Lesson 4: Sources, Sinks and Feedbacks:

    LG: how temperature affects the ocean's ability to absorb CO












     Health Nutrition Action Project Nutrition Action Project

    Nutrition Action Project

    Nutrition Action Project


    plan and reflections due


       9  10 11 12 13
    Science   Temperature vs. Solubility Lab

    Lesson 5: Global Climate Change Minimize your impact

    LG: minimizing repercussions



    8th Graders visit Lincoln High School Periods 1 - 4

    Period 7 Inconvenient Sequel

    Periods 2-7 Inconvenient Sequel 

    Periods 2-4Inconvenient Sequel 

    Period 7 Begin Global Climate Change Action Project

    Health  Presentations

     mental health day

    world winter holiday celebrations


     ATOD (alcohol, tobacco, & other drugs)

    Skill: analyzing Influences



    Smoking Biofeedback



       16 17  18 19 20


    Climate Change Action Project

    Climate Change Action Project  Climate Change Action Project  Climate Change Action Project  Climate Change Action Project 

    Alcohol and tobacco (vaping)

    permission slip for Sex Ed and the movie Love, Simon given to students to give to parents and guardians


    Influences of drugs in Media 

    Prescription drugs

    Analyzng Influences Summative Assessment 

    google classroom

    due Fri. by 2:46PM

      WINTER ----> BREAK ----> ----> 


    NOVEMBER 2019 




     Wednesday Thursday Friday




             Plan Day


             No School



    6 7 8


    Choices that take your from goor to Great

    LG: EF skills

    "Falling" Cornell notes, gravity cartoon due Wed 11/6

    Activity 95, G47 

    LG: gravity

    Activity 96, G49 

    LG: gravity

     Activity 97, G56

    LG: piloted vs unpiloted

     Space Project

    LG expanging space exploration understanding


    This or That

    Health Syllabus


    Intro to Nourish

    and Accessing Information skill

    LG building community

    Activity 1: The Story of Food

    Activity 2:Seasonal, Local Food due Friday ----->  


    Interview Family


      11 12 13 14 15
    Science   Veterans Day  Exploring Space Project  Exploring Space Project Exploring Space Project  Exploring Space Project 
     Health No School 

    Activity 3 Food Traditions

    "Hungry Planet"


     Analyzing Food Ad

    Create Food Ad Poster

     Create Food Ads Create Food Ads 
      18 19 20 21 22


    Begin Project Presentations (4 - 5)

     Exploring Space Test


    The Martian 


    The Martian 


    The Martian 



     Present Food Ads

    Activity 6: 

    School Lunch Survey

    7 - Y/N Questions

    survey 25 people

    graph data

    Reflection paragraph

    due Wednesday

    Activity 6: School Lunch Survey



    School Lunch: Before and After

    due Thursday


    Discussions questions due 12/2

      25  26 27 28 29
     Science Conferences  Conferences   Thanksgiving  ---->  ---->  
     Health No School  No School   Break  ---->  ---->  

     October 2019




     Wednesday Thursday Friday
    Science   Exoplanet Group Project Exoplanet Group Project


    Earth in Space Concept map review


    Kahoot Review

    Health    Alcohol Myths and Realities 

    Drug Project

    • addiction
    • legal
    • social
    • school
    • brain effects
    • decision-making


    begin presentations on Monday

      7 8 9 10 11


    Earth in Space Test


    Introduction to Exploring Space Unit


    Hidden Figures Movie

    LG: history of space exploration and human relations

    Hidden Figures 

    Discussion questions due by end of period


    Hidden Figures


    Discussion questions due by end of period

    Teacher Inservice
    Health Drug Project Presentations  -------->  Safe Schools 

    Erin's Law 1 


    No School
      14 15 16 17 18

    Test Taking Strategies

    Review Earth in Space Test

    Wonders of the Solar system-->

    (15 min/day)



    Activity 85 G4

    LG: history of space travel



    Activity 86, G7

    LG classify space objects



    Activity 87, G12

    LG: history of the telescope

    Activity 88, G 17

    LG: Classify celestial bodies

    Activity 88, G 17

    LG: Classify celestial bodies



    Health  Erin's Law 2  Erins's Law 3

    Erin's Law 4

    Post survey

    Advocacy Summative Assessment

     Sexual Harassment  Relationships
      21 22 23 24 25

    Activity 89, G89 

    LG: scale planet distance

    Activity 90, G24

    Activity 91

    LG Scale

    Activity 91 Assessment (google classroom)


     Order out of chaos

    LG: organization of the solar system




    Activity 92, G33

    begin Empire of the Sun

    LG: characteristics of the Sun


    Health  "Lovesick"


    Talking Without Speaking

    We Need to Talk

    Repro System 



    Life's Greatest Mircle
      28 29 30 31  

    Empire of the Sun

    LG: characteristics of the Sun

    Activity 93, G37

    LG: remote sensing 

     Activity 94, G41

    LG: remote sensing

    "Falling" cornell notes

    end of quarter 

     Plan Day

    Birth Control Basics, Using Condoms Effectively



    Self Management Summative Assessment due by Thursday

    Love, Simon 

    Love, Simon 

    end of quarter

     No School

                                                                                                                 September 2019





     Wednesday Thursday Friday
      2  3

    Labor Day

    No School

    Power of 10

    Scale: slides ----->

    Science Safety due Friday


    My Moon Observations due 10/7/19

    Sepup, QuizStar signups

    Science Syllabus due Friday

    (computers) cart 3

    Activity 71, F4

    LG:changing shadow size and position


    (pre-assessment due 9/5 end of the period)


    Activity 72, F11

    LG: measuring shadows and comparing shade vs sunlight data


    Labor Day

    No School


    Introduction to Nourish


    Activity 1

    LG: The Story of Food


    Activity 2

    LG: Seasonal, Local Food


    Activity 3

    LG: Seasonal, Local Food

    (formative assessment) due by end of the period




     11 12  13 

    Activity 73, F14

    LG: night and day on Earth


    Activity 74, F 17

    LG: Timekeeping and time zones


    Activity 75, F23

    LG: length of day vs. angle of Sun


    (formative assessment due 9/5/19)

    Activity 76, F27

    LG: different intensities of sunlight

    (computers) cart 4


    Activity 76, F27

    LG: different intensities of sunlight

    (computers) cart 4


    Food Traditions


    Food and Ecosystems


    Food and Ecosystems


    Analyzing Food Ads


    Analyzing Food Ads

    (formative assessment)

      16  17 


    19  20 


    Brain Structure and Neuroplasticity

    LG growth mindset


    Catch up Day

    Review Pre-assessment



    Activity 77, F32

    LG: direct and indirect sunlight 



    Activity 78, F35

    LG: tilt and revolution create seasons

    HW: Watch your Step


    Watch your Step Project

    LG: Global Climate Change

    Footprint calculator

    Watch Your Step Profiles


     Health Food Ad Presentations

    School Lunch Survey

    survey 24 students

    • Transform data into a chart or a graph
    • summarize data or write a letter
    • be sure to make reccommendations


    School Lunch Survey due 9/19 beginning of the period

    Nourish Action Group Project

    due end of period 9/23/19

    Nourish Action Group Project

    Summative Nutrition Assessment

      23   24 25  26  27 

    Activity 79 

    LG: phases of the moon

    (formative assessment due 9/23/19)


    Activity 80, F44

    LG: Moon Phases

    Activity 81, F 47

    LG :Moon Phases

    Activity 82, F 50

    Tides and Moon phases

    Activity 83, F54

    Exoplanet Group Project

    Exoplanet Project


    Comparing Exoplanets

    Pictures taken in science

     Health Nourish Action Group Project Nourish Action Project presentations

    Begin Botvin's Life Skills

    Skill: Analyzing Influences

    Self Image

     Making Decisions Smoking Myths and Realities
     Science  Exoplanet Project        
     Health  Smoking and Biofeedback  






































































    August 2019




     Wednesday Thursday Friday
      26 27 28 29 30
    Science Plan Plan 6th grade scavenger hunt only

    Slide show

    People Search


    Science in America

    Fact vs. theory vs. hypothesis

    Mystery Tubes






    This or That

    LG: building community

    Health Syllabus due by 9/3/19 

    Activity 1

    LG: Introduction to Nourish 

    Skill: Accessing Information

























     Wednesday Thursday Friday