• Mr. Webster's 213 Class: Good Bye!
    -de mi casa/From my Home-

    Spring, 2020

    Hope to see you in the Fall, when you are all 5th graders!
    Be safe and stay healthy.

    Friendly Reminders: We will not be returning to Room 213 this school year. All your work/contact will be through emails and Google Classroom.

    I do want to take this moment to thank each and every family, and say that it is a pleasure working with you and your child. 

    What were we doing...
    (Webpage is updated...whenever I have something new to say!)

    Math:  Keep working on the math assigned through Google Classroom
    ReadingKeep working on the reading assigned through Google Classroom

    Writing: keep working on whatever is the writing in Google Classroom
    Science: Keep working on whatever is assigned through our Google Classroom.
    Social Studies: Keep working on whatever is assignend through Classroom.
    Spelling: Keep working in Lexia for all students.

    At home: Keep up your spirits!

    Room 213 Specials formerly were:
    Mon: Library check-out @ 1:35
    Tues: P.E. @ 12:45
    Wed: Library @ 1:15
    Thurs: Music @ 12:05
    Fri: PE @ 12:45


    No attachments here.
    Contact me: You can email me at: rwebster@pps.net.
    I'm working for school at 8:00 a.m. weekdays.

    Randy Webster
    --About Me--

    My goal is to bring a slice of the outside world to my students, and help them move forward in their educational advancement. In almost three decades of working in Education, I have taught in Africa and Central America before coming to Glencoe. This school has a great staff, students who are generally self-motivated to learn, and many supportive parents concerned with student progress and achievement. I taught 16 years in 4th grade, moved up to 5th grade one year, and then moved back to 4th grade.

    I have a Master's of Arts in Teaching degree from Willamette University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from OSU. I enjoy reading, music (guitar, piano and drums) and writing. I have written and published a fantasy trilogy (The Tarra Tales), which can be found in our school library. My wife is a principal for North Clackamas School District, and we have three children: 2 in college, and 1 at Franklin HS.