• Mr. Webster's Class in Room 213

    May 17, 2019

    Friendly Reminders: bring in library books this Monday for our last check-in. Attached below are the guidelines for students to write up a paragraph about what they are going to teach, how, what supplies, etc.

    What are we doing today/this week:
    (Webpage is updated daily during my lunch)

    Math: we took the Unit 8 post-test. No homework. 
    Writing: we are still brainstorming what all we've done this year, for our final yearbook/newspaper project. No Homework.
    Reading: as a break from all the testing we've done, today we just had some quiet reading.  At home, read 30 minutes daily as homework
    Social Studies:  still working on committee ideas for a bill in our Oregon government unit. No homework.
    Science/Health: worked on the next topic in our new health unit: knowing what boundaries are, and the SAFE model.
    Spelling: took spelling tests on the different lists. No homework.

    Reminder: If you haven't turned in a paragraph about what you'd like to student-teach, please do so.
    Room 201 Specials:
    Mon: Library check-out @ 8:20
    Tues: P.E. @ 12:05
    Wed: Music @ 12:05
    Thurs: P.E. @ 12:50
    Fri: Library @ 9:20


    May 17 newsletter
    Contact me: You can email me at: rwebster@pps.net. I'm at school at 6:45 every morning, and for 20 minutes after school each day. (We have staff meetings after school on Tuesdays, so that is not the best afternoon time to meet).

    Randy Webster
    --About Me--

    My goal is to bring a slice of the outside world to my students, and help them move forward in their educational advancement. In almost three decades of working in Education, I have taught in Africa and Central America before coming to Glencoe. This school has a great staff, students who are generally self-motivated to learn, and many supportive parents concerned with student progress and achievement. I taught 16 years in 4th grade, moved up to 5th grade this past year with a large bubble of students, and now I'm back in 4th grade.

    I have a Master's of Arts in Teaching degree from Willamette University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from OSU. I enjoy reading, music (guitar, piano and drums) and writing. I have written and published a fantasy trilogy (The Tarra Tales), which can be found in our school library. My wife is an elementary principal in the North Clackamas School District, and we have three children: 2 in college, and 1 going to Franklin HS.