• Mr. Webster's Class in Room 213

    Mar. 21, 2019

    Friendly Reminders: on Mondays, bring in your library books for check-in first thing. Also, Spring Break starts next week-- we have a complete and full week of school this week. Our class auction is Thursday, April 4th. And finally, there will be spelling tests on Friday for all levels.

    What are we doing today/this week:
    (Webpage is updated daily during my lunch)

    Math: More work with fractions. No homework. 
    Writing: students typed/printed up poetry final drafts. See below for list of what we've done in class.  Finish all poems not completed for homework.
    Reading: We finished looking at Poetry during Reading, and finished up our Scholastic News.  At home, read 30 minutes daily as homework
    Science: the Energy Unit Science packet is due Friday. No homework
    Social Studies: No SS today. No homework

    Due Friday: newsletter, reading log, Science Energy Packet, Scholastic News & white paper

    Poetry we've done (so far):
    Shape Poems (2): Oregon shape poem, and open-theme shape poem
    Acrostic Poems (3): write a poem using the letters of a word/phrase as the topic
    Diamond/Symmetry Poem (2): write a diamond-shaped symmetrical poem about two opposite things
    Food Poem: write a humorous poem about weird food combinations served in an imaginary elementary cafeteria
    Haiku: haiku form = 3 lines, only! 1st=5 syllables. 2nd line=7 syllables' 3rd line = 5 syllables.
    Open poetry: Follow the structure of a poem you've read and liked
    What am I? poems (at least 5)

    POETRY INSTRUCTIONS LINKS (to poetry for which I have electronic copies)

    Food Poem instructions

    JOBS poem instructions

    Room 201 Specials:
    Mon: Library check-out @ 8:20
    Tues: P.E. @ 12:05
    Wed: Music @ 12:05
    Thurs: P.E. @ 12:50
    Fri: Library @ 9:20


    Mar. 15 newsletter

    Contact me: You can email me at: rwebster@pps.net. I'm at school at 6:45 every morning, and for 20 minutes after school each day. (We have staff meetings after school on Tuesdays, so that is not the best afternoon time to meet).

    Randy Webster
    --About Me--

    My goal is to bring a slice of the outside world to my students, and help them move forward in their educational advancement. In almost three decades of working in Education, I have taught in Africa and Central America before coming to Glencoe. This school has a great staff, students who are generally self-motivated to learn, and many supportive parents concerned with student progress and achievement. I taught 16 years in 4th grade, moved up to 5th grade this past year with a large bubble of students, and now I'm back in 4th grade.

    I have a Master's of Arts in Teaching degree from Willamette University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from OSU. I enjoy reading, music (guitar, piano and drums) and writing. I have written and published a fantasy trilogy (The Tarra Tales), which can be found in our school library. My wife is an elementary principal in the North Clackamas School District, and we have three children: 2 in college, and 1 going to Franklin HS.