Nancy Abens



       Ms. Nancy Abens


        email: nabens@pps.net

        Class Website: Abens Art Classes




    This year I am teaching 1/2 time and will only be available on B days.  Please utilize your CANVAS account for all Class content.  You can also access extra information on the class  website listed above. 

    I will be using Wednesday meetings as Office hours. Office hours means meeting with individual students and parents, helping students in small groups, and any other type of conferencing.  Students or parents can set up a time beforehand  to meet at the Wednesday times.  Here is my class schedule.  

    5th Period-Photography 1-2-Digital

    • Tuesday@9:15-10:30 Synchronous
    • Wednesdays@10:40
    • Friday@2:00-3:15 Asynchronous

    6th Period-Advanced Photography-Photo 3-4-5-6 -Wednesdays@10:55

    • Tuesday@10:40-11:55 Synchronous
    • Wednesdays@10:55
    • Friday@12:35-1:50 Asynchronous

    7th Period-Photography 1-2-Digital-Wednesdays@11:10

    • Tuesday@12:35-1:50 Asynchronous
    • Wednesdays@11:10
    • Friday@10:40-11:55 Synchronous


    • Tuesday@2:00-3:15
    • Wednesday@2:00-3:15
    • Friday@9:15-10:30

    Extra Office Hours-Wednesdays 12:30-1:45