• All about the Ainsworth Library

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    When is library? 

     This year kinders have library weekly. Afryl and Fale's classes are on Tuesday afternoon while Molina and Baraja's classes are on Thursday afternoon.

    The rest of the school has library every other week on Tuesday and Wednesdays.  The class schedule is here

    Please consider volunteering during your student's classtime - or whenever you have the time. We need extra help on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays this year to shelf books so feel free to drop in! Volunteers shelve the books; sometimes check out books and do special projects.


    What do we do in the library?

    Library time serves two purposes:

    1) to help develop a love of reading and

    2) to help students become information experts

    Students will learn about different parts of a book; genres; how to use reference materials; and how to find quality, reliable information on-line. Additionally, they will learn internet safety and various internet based learning opportunities such as using Google Classroom and different educational apps.


    How many books can I check out?

    Because we are a dual-language immersion school students are allowed to check out a larger number of books. The number of books allowed increases over time as students learn to be responsible library users. All Spanish classes will take out at least one book in Spanish. All 4th and 5th graders will take out at least one nonfiction book to help meet the Common Core Standard that requires that 50% of their reading is nonfiction. Book allowances will increase in over time. Here is how check out generally starts:

    • K: 2 books 
    • Grade 1: 3 books 
    • Grade 2: 4 books 
    • Grade 3: 5 books 
    • Grade 4: self-limiting
    • Grade 5: self-limiting

    "Self-limiting" has a maximum of 8 books however students need to assess their available reading time and their level of responsibility

    All books are checked out for two weeks and students are allowed to renew for another two weeks if desired. You will recieve an automated "overdue" email notice as a reminder to send books back to school. Fines are only charged if the book is lost or damaged beyond repair.


    More Books!

    Our library has a large number of books however many are outdated and wonderful new books come out all time. Ainsworth students are voracious readers and love new books! Funding for books come from many different places:

    • District funding
    • Funds earned through the annual Scholastic Book Fair sponsored by the PTA
    • Donations from Apoyemos
    • Donations from you - either money or books

    We want to continue to carefully build our collection of Spanish books and increase the nonfiction offerings. The average age of nonficiton collection is 24 years - so we need to replace these 'fact' books.

    There are Amazon Wish Lists for both our Spanish and English book collection based on student recommendations & other sources. If you feel inclined, please consider donating a book or two to our library. Just order the book and send it to school with your student or have it mailed directly to school. Let us know if you would like a "Donated by" sticker in your book. Here are the lists:

    English Books Wish List 

    Spanish Books Wish List


    Who is in the library?

    Your teacher-librarian is Kerstin Cathcart. I teach classes all day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.. I am happy to be starting my fourth year with the amazing Ainsworth students. Our library aide is Linda Candello. She spends every afternoon in the library.