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    • The subject of Language Arts is like a prism that has many facets.  Yes, this is where we become readers, writers and learn to correctly use language, but it is also the study of literature.  Literature is, at its core, the place where we put meaning to the human experience.  It is where we examine human passion, our sense of contradiction and conflict while feeling the pain of others through real and imagined characters.  It is my goal that students learn to love life through their Language Arts experience--that they will forever be interested in its many riches.

       With proficiency grading at our heals, I will be in a formative stage myself as I attempt to accurately communicate student goals and accomplishments.  I will remain committed to grading major writing assignments on 6 traits, use regular reading exercises for the development of comprehension and fluency and review the fundamentals of grammar along with grade level challenges.

      Our goal this year is to read a book in several different genres through our independent reading; read 3 short novels as a class; and write in the expository, narrative and argument forms with at least 2 of those in 5 paragraph essays and one that gives a comparative analysis of literature.

      Students who work hard in class will have less to take home, but there will be regular homework expectations of reading, writing and some grammar.

      I am best reached after 3:45 and before 4:30.  Please email if you have questions or concerns.

      I am in my second decade as a teacher but only my third year at Hosford.  I have worked as a high school LA and Spanish teacher and also as a literacy coach.  I endeavor to equip students with the skills they will need for that level of work by using the appropriate age level methods, resources and practices.

      Glad to have you in my class!

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    • Each of our three children earned undergraduate degrees from University of Oregon and have gone on to further their education at Harvard, Johns Hopkins and Concordia University. My husband, Dan is head soccer coach at Concordia University where he has taught and coached for 26 years.  I enjoy spending time with friends and family, running or walking, and traveling.