Ms. Laura Sayler



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Laura Sayler

Google Voice Phone (call or text): 503-836-3378

Classroom phone: 503-916-5640, EXT.70372

Room 202

  • Current Teaching Assignments
  • Websites: Math and AVID
  • Training and experience
    • MAT at Pacific University
    • Hosford Middle School (science, math, AVID) 2014-present
    • Neil Armstrong Middle School (science), 2008-2012
    • Lane Middle School (science, Leadership), 2012-2014
    • Hosford Middle School (science, math, AVID) 2014-present
  • Teaching philosophy
    • I believe that ALL students are learners and that EVERYONE can do math!
    • I believe that the best learning happens when there is trust amongst students and adults within the class, and that this trust allows us to take new risks and try new things.
    • I believe that students are great teachers and that we must access each of our personal strengths, and utilize them within the class in order to help each other.
    • I believe in setting and working towards goals, and that we are always improving, growing, developing.
  • Communication
    • I know that families are the experts at knowing their children, and so the best way I can support the students in my class is to work with and learn from their families.
    • I invite you into the class as a volunteer, an expert, or just an observer at any point! You can text, email, call or visit me to set up times. I also hope that families will contact me with any questions, concerns or ideas you have about how to best support your kids.
    • Best ways to get ahold of me:
      • I get google voice texts very frequently; 503-836-3378
      • I check email very frequently;
      • I check my phone messages every morning
      • My planning period is 6th period (12:48-1:45 pm)
      • Other meeting times available on request