Woodlawn Technology

  • A note from Mr. Shipe

    Welcome to the website for Technology Class here at Woodlawn! My name is Ryan Shipe and this is my third year teaching technology at Woodlawn.

    I love computers and gadgets and cool new tech stuff, so teaching kids how to be 21st century learners has been an easy transition for me from the classroom (I have previously taught 3rd and 4th grade). I am very passionate about helping to equip our students with the technical skills they need to be successful in school and their future careers.

    In my class we do everything from basic computer skills (how to use the mouse, what a web browser is, etc) to making collaborative projects with Google Apps to graphic design and even computer programming. Every year my students are getting more proficient and it's become a fun and exciting challenge to come up with more ideas for projects and activities.

    I envision this website as a place to collect links to games and activities we play together in class, photographs of students and their work process and ideas for how they can extend their learning outside of school.

    Please stop by my room (119 right by the library) if you have questions about me, my class or whatever. You are also welcome to email me any time at rshipe@pps.net.


    Mr. Shipe