• Academic Enrichment


    Under the instruction of Mr. Cheek, Alameda’s full-time music teacher, students attend music class twice every six school days. The core of the curriculum involves singing and learning rhythms. Mr. Cheek integrates movement into classroom activities for kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd graders. Using Kodaly methods and philosophy, music instruction includes group recorder instruction and percussion ensembles for 3rd–5th graders. Students have opportunities to perform, as well as learn about cultural and historic elements of music. All grade levels perform a concert for families in the spring.


    Alameda students attend PE twice every six school days for 30 minutes. Alameda’s full-time physical education instructor, Suzanne LeBaron, helps students work towards benchmarks in motor skills, motor learning concepts, physical fitness, personal and social skills, and valuing physical activity. Tennis shoes are required for PE so students may move freely and safely.


    Each classroom goes to the school library once every six school days to listen, learn, and check out books. Ms. Leong, Alameda’s full-time media specialist, promotes literature and teaches library skills, language arts, writing, research skills, and a wide variety of technology skills. The library has 30 iMac laptops with wireless Internet access and a variety of presentation software to support student research projects. The library’s goal is to work collaboratively with teachers to provide meaningful connections with the classroom curriculum through the use of print and technology resources.
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    Computer Lab

    Each classroom goes to the computer lab once every six school days. The Lokey Computer Lab is located in the east Alameda hallway and named in honor of its generous donor. It is equipped with more than 33 Macintosh computers. Classroom teachers instruct students in basic and intermediate computer skills, word processing, and Internet research. Third through 5th graders also complete their statewide testing requirements in the computer lab.


    Run for the Arts funds Alameda’s Artists in Residence Program, which brings a variety of artists into our school. Individual artists work with specific classrooms and/or grade levels anywhere from one day to one month depending on the project. Past projects have included: clay work, wall murals, playground art, African dance, ballet, and grade-level plays. The goal is to expose students to a wide variety of fine and applied arts. Through this program, Alameda students and staff have worked with some of the best artists in the city.

    Buddies Program

    Alameda students in kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades are paired with buddies from the 3rd, 4th, or 5th grades. Buddies spend time together during special class projects and school assemblies.

    Discovery Garden *PTA

    The Discovery Garden is located on the SE corner of the school property. The garden features native habitat, edibles, butterfly habitat, and several classroom specific raised beds. The Garden Committee works in conjunction with classroom teachers to provide students a hands-on laboratory for learning about gardens and the environment.

    For more information please contact Tracy Muilenberg at garden@alamedaschool.org.