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  •                                    Room 115:    Kindergarten Newsletter - January 2019

                                                                                         Let's Explore, Listen, Learn and Have Fun!              "

    To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but believe.”     Anatole France



    Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a wonderful  winter break.   2018 is now gone and we have made it to  2019.  Let's hope that this year brings us everything that we wished  for, especially good health.

    As we move on, let’s continue to encourage and support each child.   During the break, I had time to relax, regenerate energy and think about ideas that would stimulate and meet the needs of all students.  While I was in my deepest thoughts, I asked myself many questions.   One question was,  "How do I as an educator encourage each child to dream and hope?" I’ll continue to maintain high expectations for all.

    December Math Learning Targets:    Numbers 1-20 or higher; Count/Identify, Compare, and Write:   Count to answer ‘How Many”; Count forward/backward from any given number within the known sequence instead of having to begin by 1. Make sense of number problems and persevere in solving them.

    Geometry, Counting, Comparing quantities: Identify and Analyze and compare two and three-dimensional shapes. Name shapes correctly

    January Math Learning Targets: Measurement and Sorting::   Students will………….     Describe measurable attributes of objects.   Sort/classify objects into categories by measurement. Count to 100 by ones and tens Count forward beginning from a given number of objects with a written numeral (0-20)         Academic Vocabulary: measure, longer, shorter, heavier, lighter, compare, classify, more of, less than, weight.

                                                                      Seeing the Same and finding What’s Different

    January Reading Targets:    Students will….     Ask questions as they read and or listen to texts read aloud; think about what is the same and different about characters in books. Learn about how authors write books by comparing texts written by different authors.

    January Writing Targets: Students will….    Name a topic they are writing about. Put an event in the order it happened. Name how a character reacts in a story. Answer questions that others ask about their writing to make revisions. Revise their writing after listening to others ideas.

    Inquiry Based Learning:  Most students are naturally very curious about their surroundings and they come to school everyday wanting some answers. My responsibility as a teacher is to guide students towards those answers. It is important to me that I prepare myself for the multitude of directions that a conversation can go. The population that I teach is younger elementary students, therefore it requires that I realize that the process is more important than the product-oriented outcomes of any area of the curriculum. I understand that it is important to spend time teaching my students how to learn, and how to take ownership of their learning while learning and how they can work as a team to accomplished the goals or targets that they set for themselves. The idea of having children understand the world around them by exploring through their senses to provoke curiosity is one of the best pedagogic practices that I can put into action.

    Expectation/Goals:   As an educator, my goal is to impact the lives of all students in the most positive way and leave them with positive memories.  I want students to always believe in themselves and dream big.      

    When we began this journey in August, I stated that my hope is to make every child’s learning experience a safe, fun and exciting one. I also stated that I hope to instill in every child a love of learning that will last for a lifetime.  I am delighted to say that I am very pleased with the developments I have observed.  I will continue to build a strong foundation for all.


    Home/School Activities:

    Every student has a Thursday folder (blue).   Information

    about school events and other important information will all be placed in these folders. Please check your child’s backpack every Thursday and return the folder.

    Expect a snapshot of:

    Language Arts in Thursday Folder: Words that are connected to our Language Arts Word Study Curriculum will be sent home.

    Weekly Daily Morning Warm-Up in the classroom:  

    Daily morning message: will contain sight words and new words we are practicing for the week. Each day students will bring home a copy of our daily morning message to read/practice (with adult support) at home.

    All the ideas mentioned above will be practiced in the classroom. As we move on during the year, I’ll be adding and changing.     Please don’t forget to check in with your child everyday and ask about their learning experience.

    Our Classroom Rules/Goals:

    In our classroom/school, we encourage  each child to do their personal best at all times.   We strongly believe that all students are unique and  we help/guide them  set high expectations  for themselves.   We honor and celebrate the little steps each child makes.   We encourage all students to take pride in themselves/learning community and try hard to  always make positive  choices.   We focus on developing each child to believe in themselves and build a strong belief in instrinsic motivation.  Everyday we discuss the goals below to help each child understand their contributions/strengths  to their classroom environment. We celebate our accomplishments as a team. Everyone is recognized and appreciated during circle time. Children are learning how to focus on the positive thoughts as they build relationships with their peers and adults.  My hope and dreams is that all students will develop a strong understanding of who they are and what they can become.  As teachers and parents, we believe that all students with guidance have the opportunity to  become successful, life-long learners and leaders in their communities.

    We Are Doing an Awesome Job in Room 115!

    • We are being Responsible
    • We are doing our Personal Best
    • We are being Professional Students
    • We are being Respectful and Kind
    • We are Smart and Intelligent
    • We are being Safe
    • We have a voice
    • We are Having Lots of Fun

    Parent Volunteers

    If you haven’t filled out a Volunteer Form, please talk to Sabrina,  or go on line for the forms.   You are a vital part of our successful classroom! There are many ways to help. I will be sending home a Parent Volunteers info form for you to fill out and return. This will be a time to let me know if you are available to:

    -- work with small groups – reading and editing writing

    -- cut, staple, glue projects (can be done at home)

    -- chaperone field trips


    Your child needs to bring a backpack everyday. Please make sure it is large enough to hold folders.

    Contact Information

    Takiyah Williams -thwilliams@pps.net

    Room 115

    (503) 916-5686        

    Don’t forget to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you again for your support.  I am blessed to be a part of your child's  early development.