Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Gayle Lennox


Schedule A Day

Period                Class
1                        IB Chemistry 3-4 
2                        IB Chemistry 3-4 
3                        Planning
4                        NGSS Chemistry 

Schedule B Day

Period               Class
5                        NGSS Chemistry
6                        NGSS Chemistry
7                        NGSS Chemistry
8                        Planning


I am excited about working to strengthen both the NGSS and IB Curriculum in 2020! I aim to create a classroom community that  promotes curious and reflective investigations into scientific phenomenon. Learners will consistently revise their understanding of the world through historical knowledge and active inquiry. 

Weekly Communication is provided on Google Classroom. I  post graded assignments/tests on Synergy/ParentVue at least twice a quarter.  A zero indicates the assignment is past due, while blanks indicate and exemption or that it hasn't been graded yet. Late work can be negotiated individually on a case-by-case basis. There are no reassessments available. 


NGSS Chemistry Syllabus

IB Chemistry 3-4 Syllabus