• The AVID Elective

      All 9th graders at MLC are enrolled in the HS AVID Elective Course taught by Bailey.


      In Fall 2016, MLC will start the first AVID Elective class for select 7th graders. The teachers will be Liz-Margarita, Pam and Kathleen.


      The outline for the first semester is:

      Mondays (Liz-Margarita) with 7B

        • Cornell Note Check
        • Problem of Concern write up: Choose a subject area

      Tuesdays (Pam) 7B

        • Planner Check
        • Tutorials

      Wednesdays (Kathleen) 7A

        • Cornell Note Check
        • Problem of Concern write up: Choose a subject area

      Thursdays (Kathleen) 7A

        • Planner Check
        • Tutorials



      My AVID Planner

      Used in Core Classes year 2016 2017

      Students are expected to bring their planners to each class and write goals, tasks and homework.


      My AVID Binder
      Used in ALL CORE CLASSES starting year 2017 2018

      Contents: (assembled in this order during the first week of school)

        • 3-ring binder-- 3” with inside pockets
        • Zipper pouch with 2 or more pens, (some erasable) & 2 or more pencils (sharpened), & a handheld pencil sharpener with lid
        • Notebook paper, college ruled, part of a pack (store the rest)
        • Student Handbook & Calendar (available at fall registration & in the main office)
        • 6 colored tab subject dividers to separate class sections, labeled with class names

      vid binder logo


      Cornell Notes
      Students will use the Cornell Way Note-taking system, better known as Cornell Notes once per week in a class of their choice.  All K-12 teachers have been trained in how to use them and will provide student opportunities to use this format to take notes. This four step process includes:


      1.      Note taking

      2.      Note making

      3.      Note interpreting

      4.      Note reflecting

      ornell notes


      C.      Include AVID Schoolwide Strategies (But keep this blank)

      D.     Include Cornell Way of Note Taking tab and attachments (from RGMS)


      E.      Include the AVID.org and attachments (from RGMS)


      F.       Include College & Career Readiness: The Four Keys and attachments (from RGMS)