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    Hello All!

    It has been an exciting year so far, watching all of your children make such great progress with their communication skills. We have a new SLP Intern beginning right after winter break. Her name is Shannon LeMeune, and she is eager to begin working with all of your wonderful students.

    Thrina Parent, MS-SLP continues to provide speech-language services to our Faubion students one day per week. Thrina is a speech-language therapist who has been working for Portland Public Schools for over 30 years! She will be at Faubion @ Tubman on Fridays providing additional speech-language services to our students. Thrina can be reached at or by calling her at the number provided below.

    Faubion offers speech-language therapy for students who qualify for services in the areas of articulation/speech, language, hearing impairment, voice, fluency/stuttering, and pragmatics/social communication. Please contact either myself or your child’s teacher if you have concerns about his or her communication in any of the above mentioned areas. 


    Go Bulldogs!! 

    Cara George, MS, CCC-SLP



    Room #163