• The ACCESS Academy Foundation bridges the gap in public school funding and provides much-needed staffing that helps to improve our students’ educational outcomes. Additional staff– teachers, specialists, and educational assistants – can only be funded through the school foundation.

    The Foundation is run by parent volunteers and is an affiliate of the Fund for PPS (the Portland Public Schools Foundation). One-third of funds raised above $10,000 go to the PPS Equity Fund to help schools that are less able to raise funds close the achievement gap.

    Learn more about why Foundations are important and how they help all PPS schools. 

2023-2024 GOALS

  • This year we have to more than double our fundraising efforts to maintain staffing levels (full-time second counselor and a full-time Spanish teacher) and raise even more if we want to hit our goal of bringing our beloved librarian on full time.

    Therefore, we have set our 2023 – 2024 fundraising goal at an astounding $270,000! Reaching this goal would mean we could contribute $176K to ACCESS and $84K to the Fund for PPS.


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