Profile of an Odyssey Student

  • Our mission is to create students who think independently, critically and creatively, and who know how to take responsibility for learning and community membership. A student of the Odyssey Program will receive an outstanding academic preparation and a caring environment in which to develop socially and emotionally. 

    Academically, Odyssey students are:

    • Disciplined
    • Hard working
    • Responsible
    • Leaders

    They understand and are skilled in:

    • Teamwork
    • Motivation
    • Organization
    • Critical and creative thinking

    Socially and emotionally, they have been given:

    • A welcoming, warm, supportive and cooperative community
    • A safe place to be inquisitive and interested in learning
    • A chance to grow in self-awareness and personal confidence

    Our students have lived their educational life according to Odyssey’s Seven Caring Habits:

    • Supporting
    • Encouraging
    • Listening
    • Accepting
    • Trusting
    • Respecting
    • Negotiating Differences

    The most basic thing these seven habits have in common is that they are all “win-win” says that people can choose to relate to one another. Add the phrase, “to/with one another”, after each of these habits and you will begin to understand how these concepts support a successful community. The Odyssey Program promotes the Seven Caring Habits to help create an environment in which cooperative learning thrives