Wilson High School Summer Reading

  • Wilson High School Summer Reading Assignments

    All students should participate in the Multnomah County Library Summer Reading Program.

    If you are signed up to take AP English Language, AP Literature, or AP Capstone Seminar, you have additional required summer reading assignments. Click on the link for your course or scroll down to see the assignments.

    General Summer Reading Assignment: Multnomah County Library Summer Reading Program

    AP English Literature & Composition Summer Reading Assignment 

    AP Seminar Summer Assignment 2020

    AP Research Summer Assignment 2020

    General Summer Reading Assignment

    This year, we would like you to participate in the Multnomah County Library Summer Reading Program. It is our hope that you thoroughly enjoy your well-deserved vacation. Pursue your own interests and passions, while taking some time to read what you want to read.

    The Wilson High School Library will have a summer reading party for all students who complete the Multnomah County Library Card Summer Reading program. We will have a treat during tutor time and you will be entered into a drawing for a gift card. This is in addition to all of the incredible prizes offered through Multnomah County Library!*

    To be entered into the drawing at the Wilson High School Library Summer Reading Party:

    • Post to Instagram a “shelfie” of yourself in front of any Multnomah County Library Branch with a book you read. Tag @wilson.hs.lib and @multnomahcountylibrary
    • Come to the summer reading party wearing your summer reading t-shirt
    • Take a picture of your completed game board or a screenshot of your completed online game and bring it to the summer reading party

    How to play (Teens entering grades 9-12)

    Imagine Your Story. This summer, we'll encourage youth to “imagine your story” with fairytales, mythology, and fantasy. Our Summer Reading dragon, Shu Long, will help. "Shu Long" is Chinese pinyin of "書龍" which means "good reader like a dragon," and we hope that Shu Long inspires many people to be good readers this summer! Read for fun and enter prize drawings!

    New this year, we are excited to offer readers of all ages the option to play our Summer Reading game online! Register here beginning June 1. 

    We will have traditional paper gameboards available as well, if possible. Check back here for information on how to get one. 

    The game kicks off June 15 and is free to play!

     How to play

    1. Log each day you read or listen to a book, or do any of the fun activities listed in the game, between June 15 and August 31. 
    2. Each time you log 15 days (they don’t have to be in a row!) you may enter a drawing for prizes which may include books and/or coupons.
    3. Once you’ve read 45 days total, you’ve completed the game! You’ll get a T-shirt (while supplies last), coupons for local entertainment, and an entry in the Grand Prize drawing!
      1. Grand Prize: Complete the Summer Reading game and enter to win your choice of a Technology Package  that includes a Chromebook, home printer and a $250 Visa gift card, OR an Experience Portland Family Fun Packages with tickets to sporting events, museums, theater, music and more.  

    Runner-up prizes (High School): Your choice of a Chromebook or a $250 Visa gift card, made possible by The Library Foundation.

    Summer Reading Assignment for AP English Language

    (Part of Quarter 1 Grade)


    Summer Reading Assignment

    Congratulations! You have accepted the challenge of taking the AP English Language and Composition course in the fall. The course is organized into nine units, which are all designed to support your growth as critical readers and effective writers.

    It is our hope that you thoroughly enjoy your well-deserved vacation. Pursue your interests and passions, relax, reflect, spend time with friends and family, maybe even “veg” out on Netflix a bit! We are excited about continuing to develop this growing course at Wilson, and are looking forward to 2020/21 with much anticipation!

    --Wilson AP Language Teachers

    P.S.: Should you have questions about the course or assignment, please email: jrishel@pps.net. Queries will be checked on a periodic basis this summer, so you may not receive a response right away.


    Summer Reading Assignment for AP English Literature & Composition

    (note: This is the summer assignment for AP English Literature; for AP English Language scroll back)

    Printable version

    As a student of AP English, you will be expected to begin next year having read at least two books from the list that follows. During the first week of school you will have an essay exam on these two works. The test will mirror, in spirit, if not exact format, the essay section of the AP English Literature exam. On such tests, you are asked to explore your reading through an analytical lens. In doing so, your use of literary devices and depth of thematic exploration are important. Thus, while it will not be required to turn in a formal journal, the English Department highly encourages you to keep an informal journal of your impressions and ideas as you read.

    Here are some potential points of literary exploration for you to consider:

    • How does the author’s use of setting reflect symbolic and/or archetypal concepts?
    • How does the novel reflect the aesthetic conventions of its time?
    • What relevant issues of social concern are explored?
    • What is still relevant about the book today? What do you enjoy about the author’s writing style? Is it their descriptive clarity? Is it an unconventional use of language? Perhaps it is the flair the character dialogue expresses. Conversely, please feel comfortable in noting which elements of the work you found less attractive and/or effective. But remember: be able to support your assertions.
    • Pay careful attention to character development throughout the novel. Which characters are most clearly explored? What do their actions, thoughts, dialogue and presence lend to the work’s overall structure (thematically or with respect to plot development, for example)?
    • Please: Focus on utilizing the array of critical tools you have developed as you have evolved as a reader and writer. What literary devices do you recognize? Moreover, how do you view them as tools of the author?

     Access the reading list here.

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