• Funds raised through the Wilson auction benefit the Wilson Foundation, student teams, clubs, and activities, as well as important resources for the school.


    Mark your calendar for the next All-School Auction: Saturday, April 21, 2018!




    Auction 2017 A Huge Success!

    auction logo Thank you to everyone who made our auction the most successful ever for Wilson High School! Over 300 guests helped us earn $110,000 for the Wilson Foundation, student clubs and teams, the Art Department, the College & Career Center, and classroom technology, among others.

    The auction would not have happened without the many hours of hard work put it in by our many volunteers and sponsors from the community. Thanks to the following:

    Betsy Kauffman, MC
    Jessica and Trent More, PDX Sports Center
    Roger Devine, SchoolAuction.net
    Jeff and Kath Axline, Symbiosis Printing
    OnPoint Community Credit Union
    David Rose, John Schulte, Julia Taylor (student speaker)

    Auction Committee:
    Roger Devine, Erica Meyers, Valeurie Friedman, Jessica More, Jean Hinkley, Kari Smith Haight, Kathy Spencer, Rosita Bromley, Melissa Rubin, Lisa Sloan, Hilary Conway, Meagan Tuhy

    Event Volunteers:
    Mary Bessette, Amy Blumenberg, Keith Brown, Jennifer Cleary, Joe Conway, Karen Coodley, Deb Cox, Emily Decarlo, Walker Devine, Shannan Fasold, Laura Foran, Estelle Gilbert, Adam Grimshaw, Tony Hansen, Sandy Herrle-Hartzog, Michelle Holmes, Brenda Jamsgard, Kendall Kic, Matt Laas, Sarabeth Leitch, Sarah LeMier, Elsa and Emile Lemoine, Erika Luther, Shanie Mason, Dina Nieri, Cathy Petrecca, Vincent Pimont, Michael Pinney, Curtis Roth, Kathy Russo, Ursula Schwantag, Rosemary Schwimmer, Noel Springer, Lisa Sloan Strom, Doria Stellmacher, Hang Taylor, Janet Tingey, Katie Unflat, Leanne Van Horn, Kathy Weeks, Heidi Worden

    Dessert Donations:
    Kathy Alverez, Carla Asplund, June Bremmer, Keith Brown, Mary Jo Cohen , Kim DeNeffe, Georgea Edwards, Julie Fleming, Sheila Kendall, Kim Meyers, Kelly Milford, Kate Morgan, Lisa Nelson, Charli Nesbitt, Diana O’Connell, Teresa Panet-Raymond, Teri Price, Melissa Rubin, Jenn Satalino, Carole Schmidt-Davis, Ava Schnoll, Mary Scriven, Sue Stahl, Joan Stein, Collin Trummel, Katie Unflat, Linda Venti, Kathryn Wolff, Crissy Woodland, Heidi Worden