• This year we will be doing supplies collectively, so that teachers can ensure each room has what it needs. We are asking for $25 per Atom, and this money will go directly to teachers, so that all classrooms can get stocked with appropriate collective and individual supplies. This way your family will not have to go buy different things from different lists, etc. and each teacher can assure they end up with the right balance of things for their classroom. We  understand that some families may not be able to spend money on this at this time and other families may be able to contribute more than $25 in order to cover more than just their Atom's supplies - we encourage each family to pay what is appropriate for them.

    You can login to schoolpay.com or you can donate as a guest here: https://www.schoolpay.com/pay/for/2223-ACCESS-School-Supplies/SHNKDt

    If you prefer not to pay online, we will have in-person options at the ice cream social, August 26th.

    To learn more about schoolpay: https://www.pps.net/Page/3528