• Lincoln High School is pleased to introduce new staff for Fall 2019. 
    Welcome to our newest Cards!
    Chris Brida 
     CB Christopher Brida comes to Lincoln as a lifelong east-coaster. A native of Southampton, Massachusetts, Chris has spent the last seven years as a math and business educator at Benjamin Franklin High School in Baltimore, Maryland. Prior to that, Chris worked for Academy of the City Charter School in Queens, NYC and served on the board of the Open School Foundation, also in Queens. Chris holds his Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration from Bryant University and his Master’s in School Leadership from Indiana University-Bloomington.

    While in Baltimore, Chris led the Varsity track and field program at Ben Franklin for the last seven years and served as the director of high school track and field for all of Baltimore for the last three years. As a former Division 1 track and field athlete, Chris was able to guide a successful program that saw athletes reach state championships each year. In addition to coaching and teaching responsibilities, Chris served as the School Family Council Chairperson and as an administrative intern to the principal, gaining valuable experience in school leadership. Chris also has experience in running a successful small business in Baltimore.

    Outside of education, Chris is an avid hiker. He spent some time this summer hiking in Grand Teton National Park and has conquered all of Maryland’s 41-mile section of the Appalachian Trail. Chris also loves playing soccer and exploring restaurants around Portland. Chris could not be more excited to join the Lincoln community as Vice Principal and looks forward to getting know students and their families during this upcoming school year.










    Maude Lamont 

    Maude joins us from Wilson where she was most recently the Interim Principal bringing 16 years of school leadership experience to our team. Maude started her educational career 24 years ago as an English and Social Studies teacher in West Philadelphia and she has always focused on meeting the needs of individual learners. She understands that not all students take the same learning path and she enjoys finding alternative ways for students to be successful. Equity and social justice have been key guiding principles in her work. Maude is looking forward to getting to know a new staff and school community.

    Christopher LaCarrubba

    Chris has been working with students in public schools since 2007. He joins the Lincoln staff after many years at one of New York City’s original specialized high schools. In addition to serving as a counselor, he spent time as a community coordinator and coach. Chris then moved to rural New Jersey, where he worked as a district supervisor, overseeing the school counseling department.

    Among Chris’ professional interests are solution-focused counseling, experiential education, and helping students foster their connection to their community and environment. Chris draws on his own experiences to bolster student resilience and encourage students to take intellectual risks.

    Chris developed his fondness for outdoor pursuits on the coast of Maine, where he graduated from George Stevens Academy. Prior to pursuing a more traditional post-secondary education, Chris completed two expeditions with the National Outdoor Leadership School, where he learned the importance of pushing beyond his comfort zone.

    After ten years on the East Coast, Chris is happy to be back in Portland. He spends his off time with his family, finding ways to live a low impact life, and pursuing endurance activities that keep him outside.

    Gabriella Tello our new Spanish teacher join us most recently from Madrid, Spain where she was a teacher and language and culture ambassador. She is a native speaker who has served as a Dual Language Intern in both Guayaquil, Ecuador and Portland, She is excited to join the Lincoln community and has already moved a few things into Emily Gaffney’s former room.