The school counseling program at Duniway Elementary is planned and implemented by school counselors Jessy Gretzinger and Emory Oeding.  Jessy and Emory have master’s degrees from graduate schools of education in school counseling and in counseling/psychology.  Their job is to support ALL Duniway students in doing their best work academically, making and keeping friends, staying healthy, planning their futures, and learning the growth mindsets and social-emotional behaviors that will help them be successful in school and in life.


    The Duniway school counseling program is aligned with the model and framework set out by the American School Counseling Association (ASCA: www.schoolcounselor.org) as well as, Portland Public Schools (PPS: www.pps.net). The following are some of the main components you can expect from Duniway’s school counseling and social-emotional learning (SEL) program:

    Schoolwide Social Emotional Learning

    Your child’s class will receive at minimum one social-emotional learning (SEL) lesson per month during the 2019/20 school year. Lessons will be 30-40 minutes long and will address topics such as Duniway’s school values (caring for oneself and for others, connection to others and our community, being trustworthy, being curious, being courageous), feelings identification, healthy relationships, boundaries, student success skills, mindfulness, emotional regulation- “Zones”;  http://www.zonesofregulation.com/index.html, emotional intelligence, making friends, empathy, bully prevention and “upstander” skills, kindness and compassion, diversity, inclusion, problem-solving, “Size of Problem”, and growth mind-set skills.

    Community Circles and Restorative Practice

    The counseling team works with all Duniway classrooms in doing “community circles” using a restorative practice framework. Community circles are a wonderful way for students to support each other in their classrooms and unite as a schoolwide community. Community circles build on our school values of caring, connected, trustworthy, curious and courageous and are foundational in creating a safe, supportive, welcoming and inclusive classroom community and school climate.

    The purpose of community circles are to build, maintain and repair relationships while celebrating our shared values. Community circles help to form a healthy, supportive and inclusive classroom and school-wide climate that communicate to all members of the classroom that they belong and are significant. They help to create a supportive classroom environment for maximal learning. Our counseling program regularly uses community circle formats and use restorative practice in classrooms, in small skill-building groups and also to facilitate repair of relationships among students in the Duniway community. 

    For more information about Restorative Practice, see the following link: http://www.restorativeresources.org/uploads/5/6/1/4/56143033/restorative_practices_parent_handbook_pdf.pdf

    Small Skill-Building Groups

    Small SEL groups are designed to offer more individualized and tailored SEL lessons for groups of students identified by Duniway’s counseling and teaching staff. The counseling program has offered skill-building groups with the following group topics:  leadership and peer helpers, new student welcome groups, Worry Wizards group (worry management skills), Body Calm groups (social/emotional learning, learning skills to remain focused in the face of distractions, mindfulness and worry management skills), “Zones of Regulation” (self-regulation and emotional control: www.zonesofregulation.com), student success and organizational skills groups, friendship groups, and social skills groups (learning social cues, personal space and boundaries). Additional SEL topics/skill-building groups are added throughout the year according to need and feedback from teachers and parents.

    Individual Counseling

    As school counselors, our individual counseling approach is solution-focused and strength-based.  Students are identified for individual services by the counselors, teachers, and administrators in consultation with parents.

    We meet with individual students to positively coach, problem solve, offer support and set personal goals. As school counselors, we are not therapists and as such, seek to support students with short-term, goal-oriented and brief, solution-focused counseling services that relate to skill-building at school. When students are in need of mental health support beyond our scope of practice, resources for outside support can be offered.

    We also meet briefly with individual students at the onset of every day and again at the end of the day through our “check-in, check-out” (CICO) program.  The “check-in, check-out” (CICO) program is designed to be a positive, connecting, goal-oriented support for individual students that need additional positive coaching, consistent and regular feedback in their skill building and structured goal setting with a growth mindset lens. *See below under “form” for additional information regarding Duniway’s “Check-In, Check-Out” program.*

    Parent Consultation

    Counselors are available by phone, email, or appointment. We welcome your questions and look forward to working with you in supporting your child.  Our services to parents, like our individual services for students, are brief, targeted and solution-focused.


    As parents and school counselors we know it takes a village to raise happy and healthy children. We welcome your inquiries and look forward to helping you find what you need.

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    Duniway’s School Counselors Hours & Contact Information:

    Jessy Gretzinger: 1.0 M-F                                                              Emory Oeding: .6, Monday-Thursday

    telephone:  503-916-6343                                                             telephone: 503-916-6343

    e-mail: jgretzinger@pps.net                                                        email: eoeding@pps.net