• The 7GCTE - 7th Grade Career Tech Exploration



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    The 7GCTE - 7th Grade Career Tech Exploration was developed to establish a middle grade system for career readiness and to build and expand awareness of college and career opportunities among 7th graders and their families. Students will practice the skills that are critical to success in high-demand, high-wage careers and learn about the CTE programs of study available to them in their respective high schools in fields such as engineering, manufacturing, information technology, healthcare, design and much more.

    Designed to inspire and embolden middle school students, the 7GCTE is a new Portland Public Schools program to provide all PPS 7th graders with an annual and immersive hands-on learning experience. The program is delivered over eight months during the school year, from October – May. Learning experiences are nine-hours long for three consecutive days (10AM - 1PM daily) and students are transported to off-site locations that include college campuses and corporate headquarters. The 7GCTE is an opportunity for students to develop design thinking skills while supporting confidence, curiosity and self-directed problem solving. PPS contracts with multiple providers of hands-on learning experiences to deliver the program.

     The first 7GCTE was piloted in Spring 2016 and 3200 7th graders from 37 schools participated.

    Here are a few examples of what students experience during the 7GCTE:

    • Students building small Tamiya robots in the shape of a tiger or giraffe
    • Students design and build arcade games or space stations using 50+ types of materials and tools
    • Students design and creat video games on Chromebooks using Scratch and Pixlr
    • Students build small aluminum planes
    • Students build bridges and cranes
    • Students construct guitars


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