Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum Development

  • In 2017 Portland Public Schools began revising its core curriculum to guarantee equitable access to learning opportunities for all students.  At the center of the work is Portland Public Schools’ mission that every student is prepared for college and career, and meaningful choices in life.  The development of a Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum (GVC) promotes the intentional collaboration of district departments and schools in an ongoing effort to ensure student achievement and success remain central to all program decisions and initiatives.

    A GVC is established through rigorous curriculum design by teachers and administrators using evidence based practices. A systemic and continuous feedback process of the written, taught and assessed curriculum is essential to the viability of the GVC. The feedback process will begin in the fall of 2018 through committee work, surveys, focus groups, professional learning sessions, and a review of student achievement data.  

    The Department of Teaching and Learning knows at the heart of the GVC are the professional educators and the work they do with students. It is our mission to support teachers and students by providing  a common rigorous core curriculum with clear standards, objectives, assessments, and supported resources and instructional practices. 

    We look forward to working collaboratively with the educators of PPS throughout this iterative process.

    Dr. Luis Valentino
    Chief Academic Officer
    Office of Teaching & Learning 


GVC Support

Dr. Luis Valentino
Chief Academic Officer
Dr. Sarah Davis
Senior Director of STEAM Education
Dr. Tania McKey
Senior Director of Humanities