• Dear Kindergarten Families,


    Welcome to Beverly Cleary Hollyrood. We are very excited about the 2018-2019 school year. The kindergarten team is requesting a monetary donation of $30 to purchase the supplies needed for daily use by the students in class. This allows us to have uniformity of supplies within each class and to take advantage of sales and school discounts. Do NOT send this money into school over the summer. Instead, payment can be made on-line through SchoolPay: https://www.pps.net/Page/3528 (preferred method of payment). In addition, a $5 donation is requested by our Safety Committee for emergency supplies.


    Your student will need to bring a backpack to school. The backpack will need to be large enough to fit their winter coat inside and be zipped closed. Please bring one ream of 8 ½ by 11 copy paper and a box of Kleenex. They will also need a sturdy plastic 2-pocket (pockets at the bottom) folder to carry papers back and forth from school each day.


    We appreciate the generosity of our families and thank you for your support in advance.


    Kindergarten Team