• Technology at Wilson

    Personal Computing Devices Recommended

    Wilson students are strongly encouraged to have their own Chromebook or other laptop computer to carry daily between home and school. Students who are unable to purchase their own device will be able to check out a school Chromebook while supplies last. Chromebooks are recommended because they are substantially less expensive than laptop computers, are very portable and easy to use. Starting at around $179, they can be purchased at a variety of stores including Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Staples, Office Depot and Amazon.com. While we have been steadily increasing the number of Chromebooks at Wilson over the past few years, we do not have enough to supply this important tool to every student in the building.

    Over and above the obvious communication and information resources Chromebooks provide, they have many other important roles in the classroom. They:

    • Provide improved accessibility to class content as students move between the classroom and home.
    • Help teachers assess students’ understanding of material in real time and differentiate instruction for different levels of ability and progress through interactive quizzes and tutorials.
    • Enhance student communication and collaboration opportunities. Gmail, calendars, and video conferencing all allow students to connect with others and keep abreast of assignments. Chromebooks allow students to work together while completing group projects, reports, a powerpoint, or videos.
    • Allow teachers to efficiently and quickly provide instruction, distribute and collect work digitally.
    • Provide access to software for science for animal dissection, fruit fly and microscope labs, and scientific data collection.
    • Reduce paper needs. Teachers can manage tests, textbooks requirements, homework assignments, projects, and student reporting online.

    To make a donation toward the purchase of Chromebooks for students who cannot purchase their own, go to go to schoolpay.com.

    Click here for the parent and student technology agreement form.  If your student does not have a device and will be checking out a Chromebook, please read, sign, and return the form to our textbook clerk, Chris Cruzat.  We are also sending paper copies home with students.

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    Chromebook Agreement

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    PPS Internet Safety Guidelines

    For an explanation of Wilson student accounts and logins, click here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RdNX_6dIyLdNjRkrjWnZX5CUsBQfti4RKPWR147KREo/edit?usp=sharing

    How to Move Your Stuff between Home and School

    There are several great ways to move your files between home and school:

    • PPS Email, Office 365 and Google Apps: All PPS students have a school email account as well as access to Synergy and Windows machines and Chromebooks at Wilson. If you don't know your Google Apps login info, Chris Cruzat or Cassie Lanzas in the Library.
    • Flash Drive: Email and internet access can be unreliable, so to be sure you have your work when you want it, purchase a USB flash drive and use it! All of the computers at school have USB ports. Flash drives can be purchased for between $5 and $40 at area stores. This is a highly recommended purchase for all students. Tip: Many flash drives can be hooked to keychains making it hard to lose them.
    • Y:// Drive: This is a user’s personal network space. No one can access it except the user assigned to it. Y:// Drive can be accessed on both Macs and PCs. Instructions for using the Y:// drive.
    • Other Services: DropBox, Google Drive, and other “cloud” services work just fine at Wilson, but remember that the internet may not always be available and always back up data in two places (see “Flash Drive” above).
    • DO NOT bring work to school on a CD-ROM; CD-ROM is an outdated method of storage and there’s no guarantee those drives will work at school.

    Keeping Track of Grades

    ParentVUE/StudentVUE: Parents, contact the main office to receive an activation key that will allow you to create an account. Students can login to StudentVUE using their regular PPS username and password. If you don't know your username, contact the school office. Forgot your password? Students can change or retrieve their password here.

    ParentVUE/StudentVUE Mobile Apps: Download the free ParentVUE and StudentVUE applications on iTunes or Google Play. When prompted to enter the district URL, enter https://sis-portland.cascadetech.org/portland/. Then login with your username and password.


    PPS uses Windows 10 and  Microsoft Office suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel).


    Wilson has an 802.11 b/g wireless network that can be accessed by any wireless-capable device throughout the building (with the possible exception of the shop hall). Students and visitors can access school Wi-fi by using “pps-wifi-guest”.

    What Every Student Has At Wilson

    Every student at Wilson should have a username and password that will allow them to access the computers in the building. If you don’t have one after the first week, stop by the main office.

    Other Equipment

    If you bring your own technology to school with the intent to use it for a presentation of some kind (using a projector), be aware that you need to bring a standard VGA cable: Wilson does not have platform-specific interface cables, (e.g., Apple display cables) and you’ll be out of luck if you don’t bring your own. Although we do have projectors with HDMI, that is not a standard that we support.