• Forecasting

    Counselors will be reaching out to teachers to begin the forecasting process for the 2019-2020 school year.  This information is critical as we start the process of building the master schedule for next year and determine staffing.  Over the past two years the district has been working with the state department of education around instructional hours.  The expectation is that freshmen through junior students take eight classes.  Seniors are expected to take a minimum of six classes.  Please see the schedule below and contact an administrator with any questions you have. 


    Class of



    2022 (current frosh)


    English 2 -Wasiak and McKenzie

    2021 (current sophomores)


    USH -McKenzie

    2022 (current juniors)


    Chemistry -Dixon

    2023 (current 8th graders)

    02.27.19 Wed 6:30 PM Cafeteria

    03.05.19 Tuesday 6:30 PM Cafeteria

    Wasiak and Dixon


    2019-2020 Course Guide

    Freshman Forecasting

    Sophomore Forecasting

    Junior Forecasting

    Senior Forecasting