• Forecasting

    Counselors will be reaching out to teachers to begin the forecasting process for the 2020-2021 school year.  This information is critical as we start the process of building the master schedule for next year and determine staffing.  Over the past two years the district has been working with the state department of education around instructional hours.  The expectation is that freshmen through junior students take eight classes.  Seniors are expected to take a minimum of six classes.  Please see the schedule below and contact an administrator with any questions you have. 


    Attention Freshman Class of 2024

    Below you will find the forecast sheet for Freshman. Please click on it, print it out and send it back (picture is fine) to Michael Sanchez at Msanchez1@pps.net. If you do not have a printer you may contact Michael Sanchez with a list of your student's choices.  If you have questions on how to fill out the forecast sheet please email 9th/10th grade counselor Meghan Wasiak at Mwasiak@pps.net

    Incoming Freshman Forecast Sheets are due May 14th, 2020. 

    If you do not forecast by the above date, your student will be placed in the appropriate core classes based on their academic history. They also will be automatically placed into PE instead of dance.

    Notes for completing forecast sheet: 
    1. Four classes are already chosen for you. These are Freshman Academy Classes that all Freshman are required to take.
    2. You may only choose a math level higher than Algebra 1-2 if you have earned this credit (or higher credit) via 2 years of Compacted Math in Middle School. 
    3. PE vs Dance: Please indicate if you would like to take PE or Dance. If you choose dance please indicate if you would like to take it for 1 period or 2 periods. If you come from a dance background, and are looking to be placed higher than "Intro", you will be placed in the appropriate level based on your dance placement audition (placement audition dates TBA).
    4. Jefferson only offers Spanish: you may only choose a level higher than level 1-2 if you have gotten high school credit for 1-2, or are a native speaker. You may also replace this box with an elective if you plan on taking the STAMP test because you are proficient in spanish, or some other language. 
    Please note on the side of your forecast sheet if you are a Dancer, are on an IEP or are ELL (English Language Learner). 


    2020-2021 Course Guide

    Freshman Forecasting Sheet

    Sophomore Forecasting Sheet

    Junior Forecasting Sheet

    Senior Forecasting Sheet