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    Harriet Tubman SUN School


    Spring Term 2019:  April 1st-May 23 

    SUN – Schools Uniting Neighborhoods – builds student success and strengthens communities by expanding school-based services to include academic enrichment, recreation, and health and social services for students, parents, and neighborhood residents.  SUN classes are Monday-Thursday from 3:45-5:30 pm and include a meal.


    Registration Confirmations

    Registration packets will be sent out Monday, March 18th, 2019. Packets need to be returned no later than Friday, March 22, 2019.

    Parents will receive their student's SUN schedule confirmations by email the week of March 25th. Registering for a class does not guarantee enrollment. In order to allow as many students to participate as possible SUN reserves the right to limit the number of classes in which a student may enroll.


    Attendance Expectations

    Students who choose to participate in SUN are required to attend regularly.  Two or more unexcused absences may result in the student being dropped from his/her class.  Students will not be allowed to leave class early unless prior arrangements have been made by the students’ parents or guardians with the SUN office. Children are expected to be picked up promptly after completing their classes. SUN classes end at 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm. 


    After School Program

    SUN will have the choice to participate in any class offered for their grade level. Rather than having students sign up for individual classes, the last half hour students will all attend a homework/tutorial class.


    Behavior Expectations

    1. Be Safe
    2. Be Respectful
    3. Be Responsible
    4. Be Kind

    Students who do not follow the behavior expectations may be dropped from SUN.


    After School Meal 

    Students receive a full meal in the cafeteria on the days they attend SUN.



    All classes are FREE.



    SUN does not provide childcare.



    • The families of students participating in SUN classes are responsible for arranging transportation after SUN.


    If you have any questions call the SUN Site Manager, DaRaysha Kennedy, SUN Cell:503-694-9546. You can also email DaRaysha directly.