Degrees and Certifications:

Filip Hristić

I was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia. My family came to the United States when I was in 7th grade. Although we did not intend to stay here, my parents decided that it was necessary after war broke out back home. I graduated from Fort Lee High School in New Jersey and studied Philosophy at Boston College, where I also completed a Master’s degree in Education. I taught social studies at a high school and a middle school in the Boston area and I completed my principal training at Harvard. Since moving to Oregon in 2007, I have served as principal at Newberg High School and the PPS Creative Science School (K-8). I was the principal of Roosevelt High School from 2014 to 2019. I am the proud father of two remarkable kids, Maya (12) and Mateo (9). They remind me of the wisdom, creativity, and strength that emanate from every child. Maya and Mateo will both be Guardians in a few years.

Instagram: principal_h_ibw_hs