• Scholarships

    Find a list of scholarships and scholarship websites here

    • Are grants, so they do not need to be repaid.
    • Usually awarded on the basis of * financial need * merit (academic achievement) * extracurricular activity (leadership and community service)
    • Award "packages" usually include loans that need to be repaid
    • Individual colleges offer the the most scholarships, so make sure to research the schools that interest you to find those opportunities
    • Other potential scholarship sources include: * parents' employers, colleges and high schools * religious institutions with which you are affiliated * organizations with which you are involved (robotics, clubs, sports, etc.)
    • Check out OSAC (Oregon Student Access Commission) for over 400 scholarships * Available to specific high schools, counties, employer and membership organizations * Often considers academic and career interests * Requires an application and several personal essays * Students notified in May or at our senior assembly in early June
    • Check your email frequently for information about Scholarships.
    • CIS (Career Information Systems) is a great resource to search.


    Scholarship Resources

    College Scholarships Available

    Seniors we have several checklists available to help you navigate your senior year!

    For a general Senior Year checklist, that includes important dates, click here

    For a College Application checklist that outlines the technology steps of your applications, click here

    Reminder, for letters of recommendation, you will need to complete the about me survey on Naviance. See the Naviance tab for guidance on using Naviance. You must also have two (2) teachers complete a Teacher Evaluation Feedback form, to be returned to your counselor. This form is a google doc to be shared with your teachers, which is available here.

    Western Aerospace Scholars are accepting applications. If you or your student is interested in the aerospace industry, this is an opportunity to learn more about it, meet peers with a similar interest, and possibly earn college credits through University of Washington. This program is open to any current junior who is a resident of Oregon and Washington. For more information and to apply please go to their website: https://museumofflight.org/Education/Explore-programs/was?utm_campaign=Digital%20Learning&utm_medium=email&_hsmi=96290081&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-8kVQgJook95eELoKS3oJnMYdrqaFQTOayTkx3xurE16Pjp475ozJTzcoNOi_S361GV1TCJScOAEDvMmr_cYz1llmu-3A&utm_content=96290081&utm_source=hs_email.

    • Applications are due by 10/30/2020. Good luck!