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  • Career Learning Continuum of Experiences for students in PPS

    Career Awareness

    Career Awareness

    • Provide basic awareness to a variety of careers by interacting with industry professionals
    • Understanding of education/skills requirements
    • Typically, one-time experience
    • 6th - 10th grade experience

    “I understand what’s out there and am discovering the kinds of things I might want to do.”

    Examples of Career Awareness Activities:

    • Guest Speaker or Industry Panel
    • Worksite/Company Tour
    • Career Fair
    • Future You 2 Go

    Career Exploration

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    • Deeper understanding of specific careers, skills and post-secondary readiness
    • May include hands-on experiences
    • 9th - 12th grade experience

    “I'm interested in this field and am beginning to understand what it's all about and what I need to do to pursue a career in the industry."

    Examples of Career Exploration Activities:

    • Career Focus Event (CFE)
      Job Shadow
    • Informational Interview
    • Mock Interview

    Work- Based Learning

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    • Sustained interactions with industry professionals as individuals or in small groups
    • Aligned with curriculum and instruction
    • Can be facilitated via the workplace or simulated in the classroom, lab, or other site
    • Students earn credit or are aligned to verified credentials/outcomes
    • 11th – 12th grade experience

    "I know the kinds of things I want to do and am getting the chance to learn new skills and practice applying those skills.”

    Examples of Work- Based Learning Activities:

    • Internships
    • Clinical 
    • Practicum
    • Service Learning 
    • School-Based Enterprise
    • Technology-Based Learning
    • Workplace Simulation
    • Cooperative Work Experience


  •                                                        Check out Career Learning activities happening district- wide by visiting our                                                                  Career Learning Opportunities website 


    Additionally, to learn about CRLE opportunities offered at your school, contact your School Career Coordinator. Your Career Coordinator is your point person for details about application procedures, timelines, etc for Career Learning opportunities