General Information & Course Guide


    General Forecasting Information

    What is forecasting? Forecasting is choosing the classes you will take next school year. It takes place in winter term, approximately 6+ months before the following school year. We encourage families and students to take the forecasting process seriously, as it is each student's opportunity to select not only the classes required for graduation, but to take classes of personal interest and exploration. We encourage students and families to carefully review the Course Guide each year. It is an in-depth tool to help you gain an understanding of the variety of courses we offer, and to organize and plan for college and career goals you may have. When forecasting for your classes, plan thoughtfully for the course that has the appropriate level of rigor for you. In addition, be mindful of pre-requisites and supplies needed for a class before signing up for it.
    With the guidance of counselors, teachers and administrators, we will help you make important decisions about your education at FHS. Families are encouraged to take an active role in the forecasting process as well and must sign their student's forecasting form. 


    IMPORTANT UPDATEAfter January 20th, StudentVue will be locked to students, but this does not mean forecasting is over. Students are encouraged to enter their courses to the best of their ability by this date. All students can turn in their paper forecasting forms following our return.