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    Career Resources

    • Career Exploration
    • Trades and Apprenticeships
    • Summer and Part-time Jobs
    • Internships and After-school Programs
    • Volunteer Opportunities
    • Job Shadows
    • Resume and Job Interview Preparation 
    • CRLE Completion (See more about CRLEs below)

    What is a CRLE?

    Link to your CRLE FORM

    Career-Related Learning Experiences (CRLE) are structured educational experiences that connect learning to the world beyond the classroom. PPS requires students to write reflections about two CRLEs (see link below) but most students complete many throughout their four years of high school. Some CRLEs happen at school and are arranged by your teacher. If you are in a Career Tech Class(CTE), most field trips you go on will also count as a CRLE. 

    Some examples of CRLEs are:

    • Internships
    • Job Shadows
    • Part-time job
    • Industry Sponsored Career Days( Your Career Coordinator will post these)
    • Career Fairs such as the NW Career EXPO
    • Mock Interviews and Resume Workshops
    • Career-themed Lecture or Guest Speaker
    • Worksite Company Tours
    • Community Service Projects/Volunteering
    • One-on-one interview with a Professional