Parent Newsletter
  • June 4th, 2021

    Dear Parents,

    Well, here we are at the final Parent Update for the year.  As I have said before, it seems like we just started and now we are looking at finishing up.  Every indication that I am getting from the state and the district says that all students will be back full time in the fall.  While there might still be a mask mandate, it is planned that everyone will be at school all day, every day.  I, for one, am really looking forward to that!

    1st Grade Tour

    Today was a fun day at the Fernwood Campus because we had our 1st graders come and take a tour of the building since they will be 2nd graders next year.  They got to see the major sites in the building such as the library, main office, cafeteria, gyms, a classroom and most importantly, the playground.  I appreciate the 1st grade teachers and the CDL parents who were able to make the time to bring their child for a tour to help with the transition to the Fernwood Campus.


    So far so good with our assistance from the flagger on the corner of 33rd and Hancock.  After school gets out I will be having meetings with PBOT and PPS as to what the next steps will be and when they can occur.  I will keep you updated as I receive more information.

    Beverly Cleary Bench

    I wanted to update you on the progress for the Beverly Cleary memorial bench that we are going to have installed.  One of our parents has graciously agreed to build the bench for us and have sent us the designs.  The bench will be made of similar wood as the two other benches by the Fernwood playground.  The main difference is going to be that this one will have a back with vertical slats that can be painted like the spines of Beverly Cleary’s books.  The design is very cute and I cannot wait to see the final product.

    My next step is to submit everything to our district Project Manager for approval.  

    Class Placements

    Our current Kindergarten through 4th grade students will be notified of who their 2021/22 teacher will be with the final report card of the year.  

    Current 5th through 7th grade students will be able to find out their class schedules one week before school starts in the fall.  This is a district timeline and I cannot change it.  Your child will be able to see their schedule in either ParentVue or StudentVue.  To see how to access either of those, please take a look at the directions that are provided on the BCS website.

    Middle School

    The week of June 7, the last week of school, we need to do a minor tweak to the schedule in order to accommodate the 8th grade activities.  The students will be attending in person instruction on Tuesday and Thursday with their regular cohort groupings.  The thing that will change is the schedule for each of the days.  The schedule will be as follows:

    • Tuesday - we will follow what has been the Hybrid Thursday schedule.
    • Wednesday - CDL instruction
    • Thursday - we will follow what has been the Hybrid Tuesday schedule.
    • Friday - Check with your child’s teacher for specific plans. 

    That is it for this year!  As I said in the first paragraph, this is the last Update for the year.  However, as news comes my way, I will definitely move it in your direction.  Have a great weekend and if I don’t see you, have a great summer!

    Mr. Ferraro

    PTA News

    Save the Date

     Yearbooks Now Available to Purchase! Plus Photo Request and Note

    It is time to purchase this year's school Yearbooks! The cost is $29.  Go to and put Beverly Cleary in the school field. Our school will pop up and you can follow the instructions from there. It only takes a few minutes. There are other purchase options on the site for those who are interested. 

    We are still taking photos, we are currently organizing the photos requested in last week's newsletter and if you didn't get one in, you still have time. They are as follows:

    • K-8 photos ( just identify the grade or teacher when you send them in)
    • Intensive skills, language,  music (and any classroom pictures that are identified by teacher)
    • Teacher appreciation photos
    • Club photos if your child participated in any clubs this year

    Please submit to 

    There are a limited number of last year's Yearbook available for purchase if you missed ordering one and would now like one.  To order last year's Yearbook,  go to schoolpay on the BCS website. The price for 2019-2020 Yearbook remains the same at $25 each. 

    The yearbook for this year will be distributed in the Fall. Last year's books are available now.  Stay tuned for more details next week. 

    If your child missed getting their photo taken this year, please send an email with a photo (no background if possible) to and include your student's name, grade and teacher. 

    Thanks for all the photos! We couldn't do this without you. 

    -The BCS Yearbook Club