• December 2nd, 2022

    Hello Beverly Cleary Families,

    We had great parent participation during conferences. We know it can be challenging for parents to make time on those days when schedules are so full.  I have always believed that we get the best outcomes from our students when we partner with our families and conferences are a great way to build that partnership.


    We have a very quick couple of weeks until Winter Break.  Additionally, these are my final weeks here.  I have so enjoyed working with your students this fall and found Beverly Cleary to be a special place for students.  


    Spirit Week K-8

    The week of December 12th-16th.  See the flyer below for details, and encourage your student to participate!


    A Few Things Middle School

    8th grade will be going to Grant HS the 15th of December to attend the winter production of Grantasia on Thursday, December 15th.  The performance will be held in our auditorium at Grant starting at 11:00 am and will run until 12:30pm.  


    Social Media

    We have had a couple of issues arise at school regarding students' use of social media sites on their personal devices.  I just want to provide a reminder to parents that it is important to be aware of what sites your child is using and to monitor their use.  We have included a link to an article that provides some basic information. We are also planning to offer an evening presentation for parents on the topic of social media and teens-keep an eye out for information about that.


    This article is a few years old but still relevant:



    Jill Bailey

    Interim Principal