Help raise funds for critical staffing at Glencoe Elementary School.Funds pay for a reading specialist, increased hours for our valuable school secretary, a part time math teacher and other much needed school and teaching staff.
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    This three part event is a fun, inclusive way to bring our community together virtually!Participate in each event, and students and staff will earn fun patches that can be sewn onto bookbags or t-shirts.Or, participate in all three events, earn three patches, and get the awesome Glencoe Beanie to display your Flop, Walk and Roll patches.
    What is Flop, Walk and Roll?
    Flop and Read, March 5-12
    A time-honored Glencoe Tradition, during school on Flop and Read days, kids bring blankets, stuffies and other cozy items to school.Kids and classes flop all over the school (hallways, other classrooms, with reading buddies, etc.) and spend a fun afternoon reading together.
    For this Flop, we are encouraging families to get cozy together for an afternoon, or an hour, and enjoy some time reading together.Build a fort, a nest, or just cozy up on the couch.
    Walk/Run, April 9-16
    Get out in the spring air and take a walk or jog together as a family.Coordinate with other Glencoe Families, and enjoy a distanced walk outside. Get grandparents to register and walk virtually across the country. We encourage everyone to choose Glencoe as a starting point, ending point, or stopover in your walk.
    Roll, May 7-14
    Roll any way you can!Bike, scooter, skate, unicycle!The Foundation hopes to coordinate a “parade” where the community can do this together, but for obvious reasons, we need to see what happens.
    Registration details coming soon. Each event cost will be a suggested donation of $35.The Foundation’s goal is to have 100% participation from all families and staff.To that end, the registration is a sliding scale, starting at $0.We also encourage families that can, to sponsor a teacher or other family, and to donate to the Foundation.

    Flop Walk & Roll

    The Glencoe School Foundation is the sister organization to our school’s PTA. The PTA raises funds to help teachers and students with supplies, activities, events, field trips and other enriching activities. The Foundation raises funds to pay for additional staffing support that is not allowed by PTA rules. The Foundation aims to raise a net of $80,000 over the year through the local business and family sponsorships, direct donations from our Glencoe families, and the Flop, Walk and Roll event to pay for our reading specialist, increase hours for our valuable school secretary, on-site IT support, part time math teacher and other much needed school and teaching staff.
    Glencoe School Foundation, like all Local School Foundations, fall under the umbrella of The Fund for Portland Public Schools. The Fund focuses on building and accelerating the identification, cultivation, and strengthening of strategic relationships with those who will serve as investment partners in a citywide movement to create a world-class public school system. This organization’s core function is to create, coordinate and facilitate public, private and philanthropic partnerships that foster equitable opportunities and benefits for PPS students.
    For more information, visit their website:  The Fund for Portland Public Schools
    Like all Local School Foundations, Glencoe School Foundation contributes 1/3 of all funds raised, after the first $10,000, to be redistributed to PPS schools in the form of PPS Parent Fund grants in their equity fund. Glencoe School Foundation recognized that not all schools are in a position to fundraise at the same level, and is happy to support all Portland Public Schools.
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    Glencoe Foundation Officers:
    Treasurer Sara Wright