Boundary Coalision Image
  • Harrison Park students will be impacted by the Boundary and Balancing Changes. Principal Leah Dickey will be hosting several short virtual information meetings the week of 11/1 to disucss the proposals. 

    Please see times and language interpretation forums scheduled for this week.

    • Monday, November 1st  2:45-3:15  Somali Language
      • Call Naima Issak for details 503-916-5700
    • Monday, November 1st 5:30-6:00pm DLI Families
    • Monday, November 1st  6:00-6:30pm 
    • Monday, November 1st  6:30-7:00pm  Chinese Language
    • Tuesday, November 2nd  2:00-2:30  Russian Language
    • Wednesday, November 3rd  6:00-6:30  Spanish Language
    • Wednesday, November 3rd  6:30-7:00  Vietnamese Language