• Course Offerings

    Computer Science 1-2
    Have you ever used an app, played a game, or been on a website and asked yourself, "I wonder how they made this?" Computer Science 1-2 is your first step towards answering that question. This is a hands-on, project-based course that focuses on the skills that people need to become good programmers. Over the course of the year we will learn fundamental programming principles through the programming of websites, games, interactive stories, robots, and more, while also learning important skills such as problem solving, research, and algorithm development. Students do not need any prior programming experience to be successful in this course. Prerequisite: None
    Digital Design and Computer Coding 1-2
    The focus of this year-long course is to develop student understanding in general computer programming concepts and introduce students to the fundamentals of Javascript. Students will learn about these concepts through an online coding platform that will be used to introduce new ideas, deliver self-paced lessons, and provide a platform for students to develop and publish their projects. Throughout the course, students will apply their fundamental knowledge of Javascript to create landscapes, pictures, animations, and apps. The culminating activity for the year will involve students designing, writing, and creating their own computer game. No previous coding experience is required! Prerequisite: Computer Science 1-2
    Digital Design and Computer Coding 3-4
    Maybe taken only once for credit. Prerequisite: Coding 1-2 Grades 10-12 This is a very fun course with no homework. Students build team projects using the language of their choice and any cloud version control system. Students tackle OOP code: Object Oriented Programming. Students have the option to code a game using Unity and our Vive 3d goggles. Prerequisite: Digital Design and Computer Coding 1-2