Peer Counseling

  • 2017-18 Peer Counselors

    Wilson Peer Counselors, 2017-18


    Video by Video Production students Ethan Brenner, Albert Kalenscher, Ben Lensch, Zach Price, and Tyler Woodland

    Wilson Peer Counseling

    Peer Counseling Application

    Peer counseling is an established program here at Wilson designed to provide skilled student support to our student body. They can be a resource to students who are new to Wilson, to freshmen negotiating the transition into high school, and others who could use a friendly, trustworthy peer confidant or mentor. Students can confidently talk to peer counselors about anything from suggestions for club involvement, conflicts with friends, to decisions they are facing. In addition to working with individual students, the Peer Counseling program holds many outreach events and gives presentations to classes at Wilson to promote a kind and friendly environment.

    Peer Counseling Events

    New Student Lunch:
    Transferring from another school can be a tough experience. We decided to a host a lunch with all the new students, so that they can get to know some friendly faces, and build new relationships.

    New Student Brochure:
    To help new students in adjusting to Wilson, we have put together a pamphlet that contains basically everything you need to know. Usually when you are new, you receive many packets and papers  and it can be difficult to comb through. We decided to make the process simpler, by creating a pamphlet that contains helpful information from staff members to graduation requirements.

    ELL Lunch:
    It can be especially difficult to make friends when there is a language barrier between you and your peers. We reached out to kids in the ELL class and hosted them for lunch. It was an amazing experience for both our peer counseling team, and the ELL students.

    Waffle Days:
    We hosted four Waffle Days this year, one for each grade. It’s a chance to get to know and meet new people, and advertise the peer counseling program as a resource.

    These are just a handful of the events and outreach projects we have hosted. We plan to host many more in the future, but we need your help. We have expenses that go along the training of our peers, and our outreach projects.