Grad Night

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    PTA Grad Night 2019 is a drug, alcohol, tobacco and weapon free, all night celebration for the graduates of Wilson High School. PTA Grad Night 2019 begins right after the Commencement Ceremony on June 5th, 2019. The event is a wonderful night of fun activities, prizes, great food, and memories our students will keep for years to come. The graduates will leave on buses directly from graduation to a secret location. Graduates will be returned to Wilson High School no later than 6 am on June 6th.

    Save Money, Register Early!

    All students need to sign up for the event to attend.

    Sign Up by October 1: tickets for the event are $75
    After October 1, 2018: $100
    After February 1, 2019: $125

    Scholarships are available- students must fill out a registration forms to apply

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    yard sign

    Wilson Graduate Yard Signs for Sale

    Parents of graduating seniors: It’s time to show your pride—Wilson graduate yard signs are now available for purchase! Signs $20 from the Wilson bookkeeping office or email Quantities are limited so act fast.


    Dear Wilson High School 2019  Graduates and Parents of Graduates!

    This is your 2019 PTA Grad Night Party Information.  With Graduation and the All Night Party soon approaching we have some important information for you.     PLEASE READ!!!!! “All of it”? you may ask, YES, ALL OF IT :-)

    Graduation Grad Night Check in6:00- 6:30 pm on Wednesday, June 5th, at the Memorial Coliseum.

    Students will check in for both WHS graduation and the Grad Night Party on the lower level of the Coliseum Outside. Find the table where your last name fits in. The graduation ceremony is 7:30-9:30pm.

    Transportation to/from Grad Night: Buses – Colored wrist bands – When the students check in volunteers will strap a pre-assigned color band to each student who is attending the Grad Night party. Students without a band will not be allowed on a bus. Each student will board the bus with the corresponding color band – for example a student with a green band will look for the “green” bus – there will be color blocks in each bus window. The students will return to the same colored bus for the ride back to Rieke Elementary School after the Grad Night Party.

    Boarding the Grad Night buses – 10:00 The graduation ceremony will end at 9:30pm. Students have 30 minutes to meet  up with Family and friends outside and take pictures.  They may also want change their clothes!! This is a fun casual party and you will want to be comfortable!  (Ladies,  change those shoes and put on some sneakers or something!!  You will thank us later)  At 10:00 Sharp, students will need to find their correct color coded bus and got on it!  Attendance will be taken and if a registered student is not on a bus, a parent/guardian will be contacted.

    What NOT to Bring - DON’T BRING ANYTHING,  No . . . cap/gown, CELL PHONES, cameras, purses, wallets, keys, money,  extra clothes or  bags. Any item that makes it on the bus or to the venue will be confiscated until the morning. Please have your student hand these items off to you just after the ceremony. Cell Phones “can” be brought but will be collected as they board the bus, and handed back in the a.m. on the ride home.

    Guidelines and Expectations - Be respectful of all students and parent volunteers. No derogatory language. No controlled substances of any kind.  No alcohol. No smoking. No weapons. No leaving the venue at anytime.  If these guidelines are not followed, parents will be called to come collect your student. 

    Medical Team– We will have a medical team available all night for any urgent medical or first aid needs. Our area will be equipped with basic over the counter medications such Tums, Tylenol, Advil, cough drops as well as Band-Aids and other items for bumps and bruises. All students attending will have their medical forms on site for reference in case of emergency.

    Students with Medical needs: Will be asked to turn medications in upon graduation check in and the medications will be labeled with the student’s name and stored with medical staff.

    PICK UP THURSDAY – JUNE 6TH at 4:20 am in the Rieke Elementary parking lot. This is the school below the Wilson HS field. Students will be tired and should not  drive themselves home.  Parents/guardians are responsible for picking up your student or arranging a ride home.  Parent volunteers will not be responsible once students exit a bus.

    Wilson Grad Night Party PHOTOS – Grad Night will have “Paparazzi” photographers snapping pics of students at the Grad Night Party. All of the photos will be uploaded to Wilson HS Grad Night Party flickr account: conGRADulations19!


    1. Log into Flickr and search for the account.  Click on the photo you want to download

    2. Go to the bottom right hand corner and click the arrow pointing down

    3. Select the size you want

    Once you click the size you want, the photo immediately starts downloading!

    Volunteers at the event –First of all THANK YOU!! We couldn’t do it without you!!! You will receive information to our secret location after the kids have boarded the bus. Texts of secret location will go out from either:

    Heidi Cronn, volunteer coordinator - 503-880-3767

    Anne Eddy, co-chair - 503-816-9054

    Cheri Huester. co-chair - 503-939-0596


    Questions can be directed to or Anne Eddy: or Cheri Huester,

    We are looking forward to a fun and memorable Wilson High School Grad Night Party!

    --WHS 2019 Grad Night Party committee


    PTA Grad Night 2019 PTA Direct Online Donation
    PTA Grad Night 2019 begins right after the Commencement Ceremony on June 5, 2019. The event is a wonderful night of fun activities, prizes, great food, and memories our students will keep for years to come. Parents or grandparents who would like to donate directly to support the PTA Grad Night 2019 may do so online at

    Thank you for helping provide a safe and fun grad night party for our seniors!


    No harassment of any kind will be tolerated at the event.  Portland Public Schools and Wilson PTA Grad Night recognizes the diversity and worth of all individuals and groups and their roles in society.  No discrimination or harassment of individuals or groups of age, color, creed, disability, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation will be allowed to occur at the event.