Wilson Scholarship Initiative

  • Wilson Scholarship Initiative

    Support our campaign to raise money for college scholarships for Wilson grads. Our goal is to fund two $1,000 scholarships this year and to build an endowment that will fund future scholarships. Send a check made out to Wilson Scholarship Initiative, Wilson High School, 1151 Vermont St., Portland 97219, Attn: Wilson Scholarship Fund; or call Wilson bookkeeper, Ana Curtis, at (503) 916-5280 x75374, to make a donation using a credit card.

    Make a difference for a Wilson senior heading to college next fall!


    Wilson Scholarship Initiative Update, March 1, 2016

    Thanks to our community of SW businesses, parents, and alumni, Wilson High School will be able to offer two $1,000 scholarships this year to graduating seniors! Our community has raised almost $5,000 for the scholarship fund since November, and donations are still coming in. The remainder of the money raised this year will be allocated toward our goal of $50,000 to endow a permanent scholarship for Wilson graduates.

    We have a tremendous “village” to help support our students. We are grateful to the following businesses, individuals, and groups who have supported our Scholarship Initiative:

    • Annie Bloom’s Books
    • Papa John’s Pizza
    • OnPoint Credit Union, Hillsdale
    • Alan Bacharach
    • Laughing Planet
    • Food Front
    • Julie Decker, Lymphatics/Massage
    • Impulse Video
    • Casa Colima
    • Mark Seker,Tutor Doctor
    • Dr KJ Hindman, ND
    • Multnomah Village Dental Care
    • Dairy Hill Ice Cream
    • Nail Savvy
    • La Costita
    • Om Base
    • Ardys Braidwood
    • Sarah Dennison-Leonard
    • Driftwood Coffee
    • Shaun Vaniman, Veterinarian
    • Paloma Clothing
    • Upper Westside Play Gym
    • Garfinkle Orthodontics
    • Wyse Kadish, Attorneys
    • Linda Venti, Realty Trust
    • Yam Investments
    • Sasquatch Brewery
    • Kingsley Parker, Class of 1957
    • Symbiosis Printing
    • Anonymous Donor, Class of 1961
    • Therapy Gone to the Dogs
    • Margaret Doherty, Class of 1968
    • Todd Gifford, Dentist
    • WHS, Class of 1975
    • Westside AKF & Crossfit
    • Mark Church, Class of 1993


    Scholarships Help Students Achieve Their Potential

    One of our local business partners, Todd Gifford of Gifford Family Dentistry, has shared his scholarship story. Please take a few moments to read it and realize the difference scholarships made in his life. He is not only supporting the WHS Scholarship Initiative, he is establishing his own $1000 scholarship for a Wilson senior. We are so grateful to have him in our Wilson family. Hopefully you will feel inspired to join our Initiative supporters too.

    Dr. Gifford's Story:

    "Upon completing high school in 1990, I lacked the direction and discipline necessary to pursue a career goal. A one-year scholarship to my local community college helped expose me to my first college experience, but I quit after the first term. My job at the bowling alley flipping burgers and handing out rental shoes was not fulfilling either, so I left to join the Army. In exchange for a six-year enlistment, I received training to be a medical laboratory technician. During that tour of duty, I gained both the direction and discipline I previously lacked. With my enlistment obligation complete, I returned to college and became a dentist.

    "College was expensive, even back then. And I already had a wife and two kids. I started out using my GI Bill at my local community college. I also volunteered in many ways including serving as an officer in both student government and the school’s honor society. I found many opportunities to be involved while continuing to earn good grades and hold down a job.

    "I learned about the Oregon Student Assistance Commission and reviewed the list of available scholarships administered under that umbrella program created by the Oregon Legislature in 1959. An application and a couple of essays later, I was in the pool of potential recipients for many of these scholarships. One memorable scholarship I was awarded came from the Ford Family Foundation.

    "With the financial burden of undergraduate and doctorate training minimized, I was better able to focus on my training. I will always be thankful for the many scholarships I was awarded, especially being a Ford Scholar, which provided amazing benefits, in both financial assistance and personal growth. My experience was made possible because of two very important things: generous people created scholarship programs, and I learned how to apply for them. With my formal education behind me, it is an honor to now be involved with programs that support today’s deserving students as they pursue their own dream careers—just as I once did. I am proud to partner with Wilson High School in their initiative to work with the local business community to establish a scholarship that supports deserving Wilson graduates. I hope you will join us."

The Following Businesses are Offering Opportunities to Contribute:

  • Onpoint Community Credit Union - During the week of December 28, 2015-January 2, 2016, when you open a membership at the Hillsdale branch, OnPoint will donate your $10 membership fee to the Hillsdale Scholarship Initiative (up to a maximum of $500). Stop by the branch Monday-Thursday 9am-5:30pm, Friday 9am-6pm and Saturday 9am-1pm. 6367 SW Capitol Hwy.

    NXGEN Payment Services: For every new NXGEN merchant that signs up through the Hillsdale Business Association (does not have to be a member of the Business Association), 5% of the residual profit from that merchant will go into the Wilson Scholarship Fund.

    Sasquatch Brewing Company - Watch for additional details for a WHS benefit night on February 1 with 10% of proceeds dedicated to WHS scholarships.

    Wyse Kadish, LLP, Attorneys - in addition to a cash donation to the Initiative, their office will donate $50 for every new estate planning client in January 2016 who mentions the WHS Scholarship Initiative


    Businesses who have donated to the Initiative (no gift cards):
    Please thank these businesses for their generous support when you frequent them

    Alan Bacharach, Wealth Strategies Northwest
    Adrys Braidwood, Hillsdale Property Management
    Dr. Kimberly Hindman, Naturopathic Physician
    Dr. Judah Garfinkle, Garfinkle Orthodontics
    Hillsdale Vet, Shaun Vaniman
    Impulse Video
    Julie Decker, Lymphatics & Massage
    Linda Venti, Realtor (Realty Trust)
    Dr. Jenson, Multnomah Village Dental
    Sara E. Dennison-Leonard, Attorney

    Symbiosis Printing
    Dr. Todd Gifford, Gifford Family Dentistry, has pledged a separate $1,000 annual scholarship for Wilson grads!
    Mark Reynolds, Financial Adviser - Edward Jones